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Base Layer

The Base layer is critical to controlling your core body temperature. It should fit snugly and be right next to your skin to properly insulate and wick moisture away from the body to keep you dry. Staying dry is of utmost importance not only for comfort, but also in the cold where being wet under your clothes can cause radical temperature fluctuations and lead to hypothermia. This is most noticeable during physical activity where it is easy to overheat and perspire, often leading to a drop in body temperature once the activity stops. Browning’s NTS Base layers are available in two styles to match the conditions at hand: Compression Fit for warmer weather and Arctic for cold conditions.

When hunting in warm weather, you will appreciate the benefits of NTS Compression Fit. Garments are designed to fit snugly to offer support for muscles and help fend off fatigue over the long haul. Moisture from perspiration is transported to the outer part of the fabric where it evaporates quickly.

NTS Arctic garments are made to handle the rigors of cold weather. Soft and comfortable, NTS Arctic is ideal for the treestand hunter as its additional weight adds warmth.

Both NTS Base layers are part of our odor-control plan, featuring OdorSmart™ with VisaEndurance® antimicrobial odor control technology to stamp out body odor by killing odor-causing bacteria.

A snug-fitting Base layer is paramount to keeping your body warm. NTS fabrics pull perspiration from the skin to keep you dry. The moisture is then wicked to the outer layer of the fabric where it evaporates. You stay drier and more comfortable during exertion in both warm and cold weather, and won’t get the chills in the cold when the motion stops and body temperature drops.

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