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Gold Shotgun

Gold. The international standard for autoloading performance.
These days autoloading shotguns are a dime a dozen, so be cautious about your selection. There is still only one Browning Gold. No other shotgun can compete with the fit and finish of wood and metal, the perfect balance and handling, or the superior performance and speed. The Active Valve gas operating system does more than offer extreme load versatility, it controls felt recoil before it ever reaches your shoulder, making the Gold one of the softest shooting autoloaders ever, a feature you are sure to notice the next time a flock of geese sets their wings for your decoys.

Speed Loading
Speed Loading is exclusive to Browning. With the action open, the first shell inserted into the magazine is sent directly to the chamber, ready to be fired. Subsequent shells are loaded into the magazine.

Less recoil with the Active Valve
The self-adjusting Active Valve gas system in the Gold autoloaders uses gas from fired shells to operate the action instead of contributing to recoil. When shooting light loads, most of the gases operate the action. With magnum loads, only a small amount of gas is necessary to operate the action, while the remaining gases are vented through the Active Valve and out the top of the forearm and away from the receiver for clean, reliable operation. Because the gas piston and Active Valve operate independently, less pressure is exerted on the gas piston for greater longevity and more efficient operation than other gas-operated autoloaders.

Because the Active Valve expels unnecessary gases, it naturally reduces recoil before it ever reaches your shoulder — without the need for heavy hydraulic recoil dampers, sticky gel pads and gimmicky gel stock inserts. Superior recoil reduction from the Active Valve also equals faster, more accurate follow-up shots and all-day shooting comfort regardless of the loads used.

Load Versatility
The Active Valve-equipped gas piston automatically adjusts to reliably fire a wide range of loads. 12 gauge 3" models fire everything from light, 1 oz., 2 3/4" target loads to the heaviest 3" magnums. The larger 3 1/2" version is built to handle a similar range, from 1 1/8 oz., 2 3/4" field loads up to hard-hitting 3 1/2" magnums.

Magazine Cut-Off
All Gold 3 1/2", Gold Fusion, Gold Evolve and Gold Full Line Dealer shotguns utilize Browning’s exclusive magazine cut-off, allowing the shooter to retain shells in the magazine and eject a shell from the chamber without feeding from the magazine.

Back-Bored Barrels
12 and 20 gauge Gold shotguns feature Back-Bored Technology.

Magazine Capacity
2 3/4": Four in magazine, one in chamber. 3": Three in magazine, one in chamber. 3 1/2": Three in magazine, one in chamber. A three-shot magazine adapter plug is included.

Choke Tubes
Gold shotguns include the interchangeable Invector-Plus™ choke tube system.

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