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Schnabel forearms. This is a type of forearm design distinguished by a thinner profile toward the front end of the forearm with a pronounced flair on the end. This can be a simple design or one with sculpturing . . . sometimes with defined edge lines and even a slight point at the bottom edge. If you were to do a Google translation of Schnabel you would find that it is German for "bill" or "beak." As in the beak of a duck. You can see how this idea evolved, with stock carvers many years ago adding a little beak on the end of the forearm to make it look and work better for a customer.

Schnabel forearms can offer a slight weight reduction to the stock's overall weight while providing a good reference point for your forward hand when shouldering your gun.

Historically, the Schnabel began as a European design and was found on guns with shorter forearms overall. The Schanable on the end gives the shooter a reference point for the hand to keep your forward hand from sliding forward onto the barrel. This is especially important if the barrel is hot. Many shooters love them because they look and feel very nice in your hand -- and for this reason the design has persisted on many different gun types, especially fine over and unders and lighter weight bolt actions. Some shooters who shoot with a finger forward may or may not like a Schnabel. When you are making your decision it is good to try one out and confirm that your preferred shooting style accommodates the small differences of a Schnabel. Most shooters find that they fit and feel very good and handling overall is great.  That is why some of Browning's highest end shotguns have them.  


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