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Total Barrel Dynamics

The concept of Total Barrel Dynamics covers every aspect of the barrel that contributes to overall shotgun performance. This may include improvements to some or all of these key barrel features:

  • Chamber
  • Forcing Cone Design (Vector Pro, on selected models)
  • Barrel Steel and Manufacturing Process
  • Barrel Contour
  • Bore Diameter (Back Boring)
  • Choke Tube System Design (For example Invector Plus and Invector DS)
  • Choke Tube Constriction and Scaling

This video covers Total Barrel Dynamics as found on the Browning A5 shotgun.

A key is back boring. Back-boring increases bore diameter specifications and decreases friction between the shot cup and the bore to maximize shot pellet velocity and to reduce felt recoil. Also, reducing constriction from the forcing cone of the choke on the shot column results in fewer deformed pellets for more uniform patterns, and keeps more pellets in the central part of the pattern where they're needed to bag more upland birds, waterfowl and clay targets. Our back-bore specifications represent the ideal bore dimensions. A larger bore diameter can let gases slip by the shot cup, resulting in both reduced pellet velocity and blown patterns. A smaller bore diameter means the forcing cone can deform pellets, leading to flyers and poor ballistic performance.

Browning also optimizes forcing cone length and design where the shot leaves the chamber and makes its first constriction into the barrel itself. With Vector Pro (on some models with Total Barrel Dynamics) our lengthened cone reduced potential damage to shot in the transition for better pattern performance.

The strength of the Browning barrel is legendary, and built to handle the long-term punishment of steel shot.  Unlike some manufacturers' barrels whose guns face an uncertain performance lifespan after shooting steel, we have long been at the forefront of dependable steel shot performance and durability.

Our barrels meet the strictest material and construction quality standards. The barrel blanks are made from rolled and tempered steel bars and are stress relieved to maintain optimal mechanical properties. The barrel blanks are then precision drilled, reamed and honed to exacting specifications. Browning barrels will last and last.

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