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DPX® Storage System

The patented Duo-Plus Extra Storage System is the most versatile Browning ProSteel safe interior ever.  This system maximizes gun storage space by including a modular system of door mounted racks for long guns as well as pouches and pockets for pistols and other valuables.  Whereas many competitors offer these features as upgrades, the DPX storage system is a standard option on many of our safes. No doubt, it's the Gun Safe Industry's Biggest Breakthough in Efficient Space Utilization.

DPX Interiors.



The patented DPX storage system (U.S. Patent #7,409,790) is available exclusively on Browning ProSteel safes. This unequalled organizational tool allows long guns, handguns, shooting gear and more to be stored on the back of the safe door. The DPX gun rack creates as much as 50% more long gun capacity inside the safe, and makes the guns on the door easy to access. The Scope Saver increases storage and protects optics. DPX pouches and pockets hold valuables and gear where they are easy to find and free up shelf space for even
more items.


  • The long gun capacit y is a series of three numbers, for example 11/22+7 on a 26 Cu. Ft. safe.
  • The first number is the long gun capacity in the safe body with a Half Shelf in terior (11 in the example).
  • The second number is the long gun capacity in the safe body with an All Gun interior (22 in the example).
  • The “plus” number is the long gun capacity on the back of the door (+7 in the example).
  • Total capacity grows up to 50% in the Half Shelf configuration because there is a full rack of long guns on the door back.
  • “Fast Access Guns” increase in both Half Shelf and All Gun configurations. These guns are defined as those that are on the front row of the safe body and the door gun r ack. Due to the varying sizes of firearms, actual gun capacity may vary.


Click here for a detailed article and video on the DPX Storage System.

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