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The all-new high performance, ultra-reliable Browning Maxus is the top dog among autoloading shotguns. Several innovative technologies combine to make the Maxus deliver up to 18% less felt recoil for greater comfort, 44% less muzzle jump for more accurate follow-up shots, plus 19% faster bolt speed and 24% faster locktime than the nearest competitor. Add in other conveniences like the new Speed Lock Forearm and Turnkey Magazine Plug and the Browning Maxus becomes the finest, most reliable autoloader ever offered.

MAXUS — The Softest Shooting Autoloader Ever
Felt recoil is more than just an instantaneous peak force, it is the total experience of the shooter absorbing the energy from the fired shot. While no recoil reduction system on a shotgun can escape the laws of physics, the Maxus is sure to change minds about recoil control. The Power Drive Gas System, Inflex Technology recoil pad, Vector Pro, back-boring and natural Browning balance combine to transfer 18% less total recoil force to the shooter than any autoloader on the market.

Less Muzzle Jump
Less felt recoil means less muzzle jump and that instantly translates into more birds in the bag. The Power Drive Gas System works perfectly with the Inflex Technology recoil pad to reduce muzzle jump as much as 44% compared to the competition. Feel the performance difference the new Maxus makes.

Click the chart to the right to see the muzzle jump test video.

Lightning Trigger System
It’s hard to beat a good trigger, and the new Lightning Trigger System is the finest ever offered in an autoloading shotgun. The Lightning Trigger is designed to offer a smooth, crisp feel with minimal travel. With locktimes averaging .0052 seconds, the Lighting Trigger is 24% faster than the nearest competing autoloader, making every pull perfect. It’s also easy to remove for cleaning. 

Click the chart to the right to see the locktime test video.

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