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Browning is proud to sponsor many of the best hunting shows on TV and online. The hosts of these shows are part of the Browning family. Not only do they provide great entertainment for you and all viewers, but they also become the front line in new product development and testing. We value their input and advice. Many thanks to them. And we hope you enjoy watching these great shows.

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Jared Wihongi

Master of bladed weapons.

Jared Wihongi knows knives. Jared is exactly the kind of person you would want consulting on the design of any edged weapon. Jared can take care of himself. He has 25 years of dead-serious international martial arts experience. As they wrote in a Knives Illustrated article, he has experience "under his multiple black belts -- particularly with the Filipino blade-fighting system of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali."


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Willi Schmidt

Host of Browning's Pure Hunting TV.

Willi Schmidt is one of those unique individuals who wants to do it his way. The old fashioned way. The way the ordinary hunters do it. That's what he set out to do with his TV show Pure Hunting. He finds ways to make great hunts happen and he does it in ways that you and I can do it too. As a memeber of the Browning Pro Staff we recommend Pure Hunting as a show that is a perfect match for the Browning way.

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The Bartholow Brothers.

These boys can really shoot. Period!

Foster and Matt -- the Bartholow Brothers -- are fast become two of the youngest trap shooting celebrities in America. Both have significant accomplishments under their belts and both know how to get the job done under extreme pressure. Get a few tips from them in this video from Browning bly clicking below.

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Knight & Hale

The game call "legends" are part of the Browning family.

Harold Knight and David Hale are truly legendary. Browning is proud to have them as part of our Pro Staff  team. Both of them love Browning gear and the way it complements their way of hunting. Browning is also proud to be a sponsor of the Knight & Hale's Ultimate Hunting TV show.

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Russ Kommer

Browning Pro Staff and World Renowned Knife Designer

Today, nearly every Browning knife is designed by the legendary custom knifemaker, Russ Kommer. Where Russ goes, people gather to learn more about his designs and to hear his hunting stories. He wouldn't call himself a “knife celebrity.” But he clearly is.

Learn more about Russ Kommer

Fred Zink

Bird caller and TV host extraordinaire.

Watch Fred Zink and his Browning guns and gear  on the Avian X TV show.

Learn more about Fred Zink

Kristy Lee Cook

Great voice. Incredible hunter. A true Browning girl.

Kristy Lee Cook is an accomplished hunter and  Browning Pro Staff Team member. Plus she is a country music star extraordinaire. Watch her on here TV show, The Most Wanted List. 

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Robbie Purser

Browning Pro Staff competitive shooter and avid hunter.

Browning Pro-Staffer Robbie Purser started shooting skeet at the very young age of six. He was a fast learner. Among his accomplishments he is a twelve-time All-American Team member, a member of Team USA and a ten-time Georgia State Champion. All told, Robbie has more than 200 tournament wins to his credit — all with Browning autoloaders.

Learn more about Robbie Purser

Johnny Meitzen

Browning's Master Shotgunner and Teacher.

JOHNNY MEITZEN started shooting competitively in 1987 and is currently a NSCA Level III instructor. He has won a number of shooting titles . . .

Learn more about Johnny Meitzen

Matt Hughes

9-Time UFC World Champion, Friend of Browning.

Matt Hughes still stays busy with his TV show and working with promising, young mixed martial arts fighters in his own gym. 

Learn more about Matt Hughes

Rick Camuglia

Browning Pro-Staff, Sporting Clays Champion and More.

Rick is a true friend of Browning and an accomplished Browning Pro-Staff Shooter. Rick is a long-time Browning shooter with multiple sporting clays titles, nearly all won with Browning autoloading shotguns. His wins include multiple National and Regional FITASC Championships

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