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Russ Kommer

Browning Pro Staff and World Renowned Knife Designer

Russ Kommer is the man when it comes to designing Browning's complete line-up of world-class knives. Almost every knife in the current line was designed by him. Everything from the most specialized hunting knives all the way to the Black Label line of tactical knives.  

Who is this guy. This video, along with the biography below, give a pretty good insight into the experience and character of this incredible outdoorsman.


Today, nearly every Browning knife is designed by the legendary custom knifemaker, Russ Kommer. Where ever Russ goes people gather to learn more about his designs and to hear his amazing hunting stories. I don’t know if Russ Kommer would call himself a “celebrity.” We doubt it. He would probably be more comfortable with “friend” or “good guy”.

We at Browning think of him more as “genius” or “master craftsman.” Since teaming up with Browning he has raised the level of function, design and overall class of the entire line of Browning knives to levels never before thought possible. And the specific knives he has designed and built are among the finest ever made — in the world.

The fact is, if you are familiar with Browning hunting knives then you know about Russ Kommer. Russ is one of the world's leading custom hunting knife designers, designing virtually the entire line of Browning knives and assuring that each knife is made to the quality and function specifications of Browning. He does this personally with every Browning custom knife, which he makes in his North Dakota shop. And he assures it by overseeing quality and production at Browning's partner factories around the world.

Russ now designs our comprehensive line of Black Label knives as well. Taking this expertise to the world of tactical knives was a natural extension for Russ. When it comes to hunting knives, Russ is the real deal, and now he has immersed himself in the world of "tactical" working with edged-weapon instructor Jared Wihongi to create a full spectrum of top quality, effective designs. Russ brings a new dimension to "tactical" with contours, shaping and fits that are extreme in functionality.

Watch him in action as he builds a custom knife for Browning TV host, Stephen LeBlanc.

This brief biography (below) on Russ Kommer gives you an idea where he gains his inspiration.

“Russ was born and raised in the north woods of Minnesota, hunting, fishing, trapping and logging. After graduation Russ started his career as a big game guide in Idaho, hunting elk, deer, bear, moose and mountain goats in the Selway-Bitterroot Mountains of Idaho.

From there his passion for hunting took him to the wilderness of Alaska in 1984. There he started hunting the remote wilderness areas of Alaska for the mighty brown bear, Alaskan moose, barren ground caribou, Dall sheep, Black bear, Sitka black tail deer, Mountain goat, all of the Alaskan big game. This is where Russ found his passion for knives. Having to dress big game as a hunting guide, Russ decided that a knife should not only be razor sharp but also comfortable and functional. Russ’ goal since then has been to design and make the most comfortable, functional, hunting knives possible. Russ started making knives in 1997 with these goals in mind. With all of his outdoor experiences from guiding to taxidermy, expectedly his designs reflect his experiences. Russ would like to thank all of the people who have helped him along the way from other custom knife makers to his daughter and her encouragement.”

One final note: Russ is not just a knife expert and a big game hunting guy. His bio would be incomplete if we did not mention his passion for bird hunting and shotgunning as well. In fact, in 2006 -- at the North Dakata State Trap Shoot Championships -- Russ won the handicap division with a score of 99 x 100. Not too bad at all. Browning is proud to have such a well rounded, all around outdoorsman as part of the Pro Staff team.


Used courtesy of russkommerknives.com

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