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Zac Cooper -- Little Man, Big Dreams.


Zac Cooper, Friend of Browning.

One thing we all enjoy is a young person who has an infectious enthusiasm for hunting. That describes Zac Cooper.

He may be small in stature, but he is huge in his love of the outdoors and hunting. He is now a young student starting college, but when you speak with him, listen to one of his speeches or look at the hunts he has been on you would think he has been out in the field for decades. Currently Zac is working on hunting DVDs, TV shows and working the circuit doing speaches.

His videos offer a collection of hunting and fishing trips that put Zac's exceptional hunting skills on display. He grew up around hunting, for sure. His dad, Chad Cooper, runs Cooper's Taxidermy Inc., in Pace, Florida. Zac has been around wild game his entire life. This fact is apparent in an early photo showing Zac  helping with the butchering at age two. There is nothing about hunting and the hunting lifestyle that Zac shys away from -- he loves preparing and practicing and planning, loves the hunt, and he loves to take care of the game from skinning to butchering. Plus, he has a special gift for talking about all this once the hunt has ended. 


To get aquainted with Zac, watch this promotional video for his latest hunting video.






See photos of one of Zac biggest dreams come true by clicking here.

Browning is proud to have Zac join the Browning family and to work with us to promote hunting and shooting as a great American family tradition.



 A little about Zac's dream:

Zac's dream is to use his talents for hunting and public speaking to have a positive influence on today's youth. He wants to plant the seed that dreams can be reached. He may be young in years, but he is clear in his understanding of what makes him different and effective as a spokesman for young people. He believes in safety first when it comes to firearms and hunting. But even more than that he believes in traditional values like showing respect to all people, speaking to adults with respect, thanking people, loyalty, honesty and trying to be a good example to others at all times. He encourages young people to live with strong moral values and to dream big. In his life experiences this attitude has opened many doors and opportunities. And it has made his dream possible of sharing his love of the outdoors and his formula for success with other kids his age. In the process, many adults are awed by his example as well as his keen knowledge of hunting and his proven successes.

Zac has been using Browning rifles and shotguns since he was . . . well . . . a kid. His favorite shotgun is his grandfather's little "Sweet 16" Auto-5. Can you see why we at Browning are so proud to welcome him as a Friend of Browning? We look forward to seeing him on more hunts and in more places wearing the great Browning Buckmark logo. We are sure you and your family will enjoy it as well.

Zac shown checking out a new Browning X-Bolt at the Browning headquarters in Morgan, Utah.  One of Zac's earliest trophies.

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