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Browning Introduces Doc’s Hunting Scents for 2003.

MORGAN, UTAH—New to Browning’s expanding line of products to help serious hunters be more successful in the field is the addition of Browning Doc’s Hunting Scents. This new line of scent products will include Doc’s Deer scents, Food Attractants, Cover Scents as well as Scent Eliminators and Dry Wash™.

Browning Doc’s Deer Scents are recognized as the best in scents and lures for enticing deer since they are fresh with no additives or preservatives and fully guaranteed to be 100% pure, fresh and current season only. The fresher the scent, the better the chances for success.

Browning Doc’s Deer Urines are collected using a revolutionary process which neutralizes bacteria keeping urine fresh and a natural yellow color and not brown like other brands. Doc’s Double Doe ™ Extreme Heat Urine is the most potent scent in the Browning arsenal. It is collected in the rut and is to used during the rut. It’s like taking two hot does with you into the woods (not available until mid-October each year) 2 oz and 4 oz bottles. Patent Pending. Other scents include Doc’s Dominant Buck Urine, Double Doe™ Mule Deer Scent, Double Doe™ Cow Elk Scent and Double Doe™ Urine. Doc’s Extreme Heat™ impregnated 3-Pack Scent Pads will also be offered.

Browning will also offer a line of Food Attractants that include: Doc’s Persimmon Scent, Doc’s Cornfield Gel, Doc’s Apple Gel, Doc’s Acorn Gel and Doc’s Sweet Demise. Cover Scents to be offered include: Doc’s Raccoon Cover Scent, Doc’s Fox Cover Scent and Doc’s Fresh Field Cover Scent. Scent Eliminators for hunters include Doc’s Mirage Cloth’s Wash, Mirage Spray ™ and Mirage Soap ™ to eliminate human scent and foreign scents before going into the field.

Browning Dry Wash ™ allows you to clean up in the field with no water after dressing game in the field or before a meal. It removes almost anything from hands including oil, fuel, blood and fish odors. It is anti bacterial and will be available in Conifer, Citronella and Scentless fragrances.
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