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Browning Celebrates 125 Years of Innovation in 2003.

MORGAN, UTAH—Browning is proud to celebrate the 125th anniversary of company founder John M. Browning’s first firearm invention, the rifle that became known as the Model 1885 High Wall. From that humble beginning back in 1878 in Ogden, Utah and a small shop the Browning brothers jokingly called "the largest arms factory between Omaha and the Pacific," Browning has grown into a multinational organization and one of the most revered names in the firearms business.

John M. Browning is considered by many as the greatest firearms designer the world has ever known. His designs included great sporting arms such as the Model 1885,Winchester Models 86, 92, 93, 94,95 and 97, the Auto- 5 and Superposed. His contributions to the U.S. and European militaries were also great and include the Colt M1911 45 caliber pistol, 9mm Hi-Power pistol, the BAR rifle, the 30 and 50 caliber machine guns and the 37mm aircraft cannon.

In the years following John M. Browning’s death in 1926, Browning has done its best to continue the tradition, with firearms such as the Citori, BPS and Gold shotguns, the A-Bolt and BAR rifles, Buck Mark pistol and the revolutionary BOSS“ accuracy system for A-Bolt and BAR rifles. In Browning’s partnership with Winchester ammunition the new short-action magnum calibers known as Winchester Short Magnums or WSM has been developed. For 2003 that partnership brings the new Winchester Super Short Magnum or WSSM and a whole new class of rifle – the super-short-action.

Browning will offer special 125th Anniversary products in 2003 to commemorate this milestone in Browning’s history. A Limited Edition Superposed shotgun, Semi-Auto 22 rifle and 9mm Hi-Power pistol will be offered as “SHOT Show” specials. A 125th Anniversary safe and a Commemorative High-Grade knife and Commemorative Field Grade knife will also be offered.
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