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Browning Adds The 325 WSM to The A-Bolt and BLR Families.

MORGAN, UTAH— Browning and Winchester® Ammunition have done it again with the introduction of the new 325 WSM caliber. With its short-action design and high-velocity, heavy hitting bullets, it just might be the ultimate North American big game hunting caliber. The 325 WSM bridges an important gap; featuring the high-speed and flat trajectory of the popular 300 WSM and the powerful knockdown punch of the long action 338 Win. Mag. — without the punishing recoil and additional rifle weight.

The new 325 WSM will be available in Browning's innovative A-Bolt line of bolt action rifles. The A-Bolt features a short 60° bolt throw that feeds cartridges very smoothly because of its unique, patented cartridge depressor. The barrel is free floating and glass bedded at the recoil lug and rear of receiver for enhanced accuracy. The trigger has a chrome-plated sear for cleaner, crisper trigger pull. A top-tang , thumb operated safety and hinged floorplate with detachable box magazine makes the A-Bolt simple and fast load a spare magazine.

The new 325 WSM will be offered in the A-Bolt Hunter in right and left-hand, the Micro Hunter in right and left-hand, the Hunter FLD, Stainless Stalker, Composite Stalker, Medallion in right and left-hand and the White Gold Medallion. Magazine capacity is three rounds in the magazine, one in chamber. Average weight is 6 ½ to 6 ¾ lbs. Barrel length is 23" except the Micro Hunter which is 22". New A-Bolt 325 WSM rifles, Suggested Retail starting at $734.00.

The BLR Lightweight will also be chambered in the new 325 WSM giving Lever-Action fans a potent magnum cartridge to handle big game. Features found on the BLR Lightweight include an aluminum receiver and rotating bolt, open sights, and is drilled and tapped for scope mounts. The 325 WSM BLR will be offered with a 22” barrel and average weight is 6 lbs 12 oz. Suggested Retail, $836.00
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