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Browning Collectors Association Honors Browning Company Historian.

Release Date: 4/17/2014

If you ever call in to the Browning offices with an inquiry about the history of your firearm, you may well end up talking to Glen Jensen, our historian. Ever modest and self-effacing, Glen is one of those classic old-school gentlemen who form the backbone, heart and soul of the American gun culture. Best of all, Glen knows more details about the rich history of Browning (and Winchester firearms*) than anyone since John M. Browning himself.

Photo Right -- Historian Glen Jensen stays busy responding to inquiries from Browning (and Winchester) owners and collectors.

Recently the Browning Collectors Association presented Glen with an honorary lifetime membership at their annual meeting held in conjunction with the Tulsa Gun Show, probably the largest public gun show in the nation.

“I never fully understood just how important Dad’s knowledge was until we went to the Tulsa Gun Show,” said Glen’s son Kirk, also a long-time Browning employee who works in the R&D department. “It is amazing to see eleven acres of firearms under one roof.  I saw firsthand the value dad offers to the public when we started looking at very expensive Browning firearms. Is that $20,000 Diana Superpose or that $5000 Semi-auto 22 takedown rifle really real? Is it worth the money? How did it leave the factory? To a collector, if it isn’t the way it left the factory, it usually isn’t worth the money. The only way to find out for certain how it originally left the factory is to call Dad and have him look it up.”

“Dad can often tell them in short order how the firearm left the Browning or Winchester factory and then he’ll listen to a stunned silence on the other end of the phone,” mused Kirk. “ ‘Oh crap, I should have called you first,’ they will blurt out. They get the serial number to verify what it is, and if Dad can find it, it only takes a few minutes to set their mind at ease. This phone service is offered for free, but if the collector wants it in writing on official Browning letterhead there is a modest charge. That’s money well spent to let the collector know (and be able to prove) they have the real deal.”

Photo Captions -  First Photo: BCA President Charles Wagner presents Glen Jensen with an honorary lifetime membership as BCA directors Dr. Richard G. “Doc” Desira and Mark Hannah look on. Second Photo: BCA President Charles Wagner presents Glen Jensen with an honorary lifetime membership as BCA director Dr. Richard G. “Doc” Desira looks on. Photo Below: BCA President Charles Wagner presents Glen Jensen with a commemorative watch as Jensen’s son Kirk and BCA director Mark Hannah look on.

“I’ve been a member of the Browning Collectors Association for several decades,” said Jensen in a recent chat in his office, surrounded by tall bookshelves overflowing with rare historic records on Browning and Winchester products dating back nearly a century. “I’ve been shooting Brownings and Winchesters just about forever, and I’ve been collecting them since I was in high school back in the mid 1940s.” Rumor has it that Glen and his childhood pal Bruce Browning, the grandson of the famed gun inventor, spent many a rainy afternoon in the 1930s roller-skating around the basement of the Browning family home in Ogden, Utah.

When asked about his advice to those wanting to start a Browning and Winchester collection, Jensen was quick to offer concrete suggestions based on a lifetime of experience. “First, you need to love the hobby of gun collecting,” he observed with a twinkle in his eye. “Next, you should focus your collecting around a specific product, theme or niche. Don’t go out and buy one of everything willy-nilly. ”

“Third, buy the best examples you can afford,” Jensen continued. “Take your time, save your money and buy one really nice example of the item you’re interested in, instead of settling for several marginal examples. Finally, be it large or small, enjoy your collection and remember, in gun collecting as in life, the journey is as important as the destination.”

We at Browning and Winchester want to add our voice to that of the Browning Collectors Association. We too think that grand gentleman, Glen Jensen, is a national historic treasure and truly ranks among The Best There Is. Here’s a toast to Glen and his lifelong love for the history of these two legendary brands.


 The Tulsa Gun Show covers 11 acres under one roof,
and is one of the largest public gun shows in the nation.



Glen Jensen works out of the Morgan, Utah offices of Browning. He also serves as the historian for Browning's sister company, Winchester Repeating Arms, also headquartered in Morgan, Utah.

Click here to learn more about the Browning Collectors Association: http://www.browningcollectors.com/

Copyright Browning, 2014. Article by Browning Staff Writer, Scott Engen.

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