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SAAMI Glossary of Shooting Terminology

Release Date: 8/8/2013

The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute (SAAMI) has an ongoing project compiling the most current terms and definitions used within the firearms industry. This is a valuable asset that all of us who enjoy firearms-related sports can appreciate. Below is the SAAMI  preface and a link to the actual glossary on the SAAMI Website. We use it often and hope you find it useful as well.

This working draft of a Glossary of Industry terms has been compiled by SAAMI's Technical Committee to facilitate technical interchanges between members of that committee. It is not intended to provide legal definition of the terms included, and, in light of further experience, the definitions of these terms may change. It is not intended to be comprehensive since it does not cover the full range of the diversity of the sporting arms and ammunition industry's products. It is, in other words, a working draft that, it is hoped, may be useful in addressing certain technical matters frequently considered by the Technical Committee and is subject to further change and refinement.

It was the committee's decision that ONLY industry terms would be included which are unique to the firearms and ammunition industry directly. Optical terms have been omitted for the most part. Common metallurgical terms were not included because they are not unique to the industry. Where there is a common term with a usage unique to our industry, it has, however, been included.

Terms made up of two or more words are defined under the principle word: e.g., a "Frangible Bullet" is defined under "Bullet, Frangible" or a "Free Rifle Stock" is defined under "Stock, Free Rifle."

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Click here or click on the image above to go directly to the comprehensive glossary found on the SAAMI Website.



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