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Gun World’s Jerry Catania loves the Browning A5 shotgun.

Release Date: 7/19/2013

"John Moses Browning would be proud to see his name on this one.”

Review of article by Jerry Catania -- More than a century after its launch, the original Browning Auto-5 needs no introduction to generations of shotgunners. Designed by John M. Browning in 1898, it was the world’s first successful autoloading shotgun and quickly became the benchmark against which all other self-loading scatterguns were (and quite frankly still are) measured.

When Browning finally ended production of the Auto-5 in 1999, an estimated three million-plus guns of various types had rolled off the production lines under several different brands, both here in the United States and abroad.

Answering the call of tens of thousands of avid Auto-5 fans, Browning introduced the all-new A5 autoloader in 2012. Gun World’s Jerry Catania took one of the latest A5s for a spin in his recent article “Rewriting a Legend” and thinks that, “…John Moses Browning would be proud to see his name on this one.”

". . . Come Hell or High Water, 100,000-shell, 5-year guarantee."

Catania discovered the beating heart of the soft shooting A5 is the Kinematic Drive, an inertia-driven system that soaks up felt recoil unlike many competitors’ more punishing designs,. He also was very impressed with the A5’s “Come Hell or High Water” 100,000-shell/5-year guarantee.

Author Catania noted the carry-overs from the original Auto-5 design include the familiar “humpback” receiver profile that increases the sighting plane and the highly desirable Speed Loading feature that instantly whisks the first shell loaded into the magazine tube right up into the chamber.

Catania loved the performance of the A5’s back-bored barrel and the new Invector-DS choke tube system that stays clean and provides dense, smooth, even patterns. The new tube design also refines the profile of the barrel at the muzzle, eliminating the “bell” found on some other choke tube systems.

Making his of-season testing more inclusive, Catania called some coyotes and spent plenty of time at the patterning board. He found the cast-on and cast-off feature of the A5’s shim adjustable stock quickly corrected his long–standing problem of tending to shoot left of his point of aim. With the correct shim in place, Catania was hammering the center of the pattern board out to 50 yards with everything from birdshot to buckshot.

“The re-imagined A5 is a great shotgun . . ." 

“The re-imagined A5 is a great shotgun for anything from doves to ducks, or quail to coyotes.,” Catania said in summation. (Wait until Jerry gets his hands on the latest 3½” Browning A5. Crafty coyotes, strutting turkeys and high-flying geese better beware, 50 yards will start to seem like mere spitting distance.)



Click the image below for more information on the new Browning A5 shotgun.


Copyright Browning 2013. Original article copyright Gun World, 2013. Review written by Browning staff writer, Scott Engen.

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