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What do you know about the Browning family of licensee partners?

Release Date: 5/15/2013

What is a Browning Licensee Company?
What do they make?
What do they do for you?

If you go to the Browning home page you will notice product categories under the left "Products" tab. For example: Firearms, Gun Safes, Camping, Fishing and Cutting Boards. Most Browning products are developed, managed and distributed by our teams here in Morgan, Utah and at our Arnold, Missouri facility. But not all.

Occasionally we find a product category that we would like to bring to you -- but we realize that a more specialized expertise can be found outside of our Utah and Missouri offices. And because we feel that bringing these products to you is important, we occasionally form close relationships and partnerships with others who have this expertise.

  • These licensee companies join the Browning family of products, but continue to maintain their own locations and utilize their own product design, manufacturing and marketing expertise. They do this under a special agreement which is usually called a "license."
  • They make a large variety of products within their expertise that Browning would otherwise not be able to offer. They are not newcomers, but experts in their fields.
  • They provide these products with true Browning quality -- offering true Browning service and care.

The fact that they operate from their own addresses is important to know because sometimes you will notice that the web address for some of these products is different from www.browning.com. You may also notice that their street address and customer service department phone numbers are not the same as used by Browning in Utah. But the commitment to quality is.


Trail Cameras

Hunting and Hiking Socks


Casual Sportswear








Outdoor Cooking

Off Road

Paper Products

Signature Automotive

Sporting Bags/Travel Gear

Bedding & Bath



There are two types of partners.

1) Some products are licensed to established makers of other products, so their websites will appear as a departure from the style of the Browning site. Examples of this are Browning Fishing (which is managed by the experts at Bass Pro Shops) and Browning Hitches (which are part of the well-known B&W Trailer Hitches company). Another one is our "Off Road" products. These are special ATVs and Polaris Ranger side by sides with extra features that you only get with the Browning Editions. These sites will have their own look and even their own brand names present.

2) Other sites are more closely associated with Browning. When you select these products it is often difficult to know that you have left the main Browning site and that they are a licensee at all. And that is fine with all of us, because all of these products - in the truest sense - are Browning quality products. They must meet our strict criteria for design, dependability, fits, finishes and overall function. In our view, once they meet our requirements, then, and only then, may they carry the Browning name. We give you our word on that.

Without this collection of partners, the depth of our product line would be less, and you would not have some very special and interesting Browning products from which to choose. Unlike some other companies that license with reckless abandon, the Browning family of products are bound together closely with a tight commitment to working as a team and preserving the legendary history of fine products which we all revere.

Take a close look. We hope you will be pleased.

Cick the picture below to get contact and Website information for each licensed partner.



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