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Special thanks to all the moms and women who live the Browning lifestyle.

Release Date: 5/10/2013

This is the time of year when we all like to remember our moms and the great women in our lives. If you are one of them reading this right now, all of us at Browning send you our best wishes.

For many of us it was our moms who made all the difference when it came to living a life centered in the outdoors. For me it was my mother who taught me how to cook wild game. More than just how to prepare it, but how to enjoy the entire process. 

For a lot of us, few memories are dearer than coming back from a cold, rainy hunt with limit of assorted ducks to see the excitement in mom's face as they are presented to her in the kitchen.

You will have your own special memories. It may be your mother, your grandmother, your wife or another special woman in your life who made all the difference in your love of hunting and of the outdoors. And for the older among us, it is uniquely wonderful when daughters carry on the traditions of hunting with their own families.

There are many hunting moms and women right here at Browning who we also wish to honor. Representing them, the top photo is of our Customer Service Manager Jackie: a wife, mother and hunter. We must tell you Jackie is a turkey hunting fool. Plus her daughter (also a mom and a hunter) is shown in the second photo. She  took a massive bull elk just this past Fall. The love of hunting does run in families. And in some companies too.

We at Browning hope that this weekend you get the chance to tell to the women in your life just how much they mean to you.

You might enjoy seeing a few "trophy" photos shared by Browning women over the years that are now posted on Pinterest. Just click on the Pinterest link to see photos. These are posted on the BrowningArms Pinterest board (and on the Trophy Case right on our site too).

You don't need to know what to do on Pinterest to view them, Just click here.

Happy Mother's Day and a special best wishes to all Browning women everywhere.

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