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Ducks Unlimited tests the new Browning A5.

Release Date: 4/30/2013

Field Test
Shooting the New A5.
Review of article published in Ducks Unlimited Magazine.
Original article by contributing writer, Ron Spomer.

March/April 2013 Ducks Unlimited Magazine.

As Spomer duly noted, John Browning’s original recoil-operated Auto-5 ushered in the era of the modern autoloading shotgun. While the original century-old Auto-5 design is no longer part of the Browning line-up, it has such a loyal following that the company felt there was still a desire from today’s hunters for a modern version, and thus the A5 was born.

Introduced in 2012, the recoil-operated A5 looks much like the original Auto-5 with the same distinctive humpback profile that’s instantly recognizable from across the marsh. Inside the A5’s aircraft grade alloy receiver the mechanics are as modern as tomorrow, with the ultra-reliable Kinematic Drive system that cycles virtually any factory field load. The A5’s lightweight profile back-bored barrel has a flat, vented rib, a 3” (or now 3 1/2") chamber and a Vector Pro lengthened forcing cone. The Invector-DS system is the cleanest, most consistent patterning interchangeable choke tube design on the market.

Spomer put the A5 through its paces on both ducks and geese, even bringing down some triples on passing ducks. Afterwards he had some pretty flattering tings to say about this sweet shooting Browning autoloader. “…Something about the A5 makes me shoot better, “ Spomer wrote. “Perhaps, as many claim, the well-defined edge of the flat-backed receiver provides a longer sighting plane or somehow directs the eye unconsciously toward the target. Or maybe it’s the slim dimensions of the forearm and pistol grip For whatever reason, it works for me.”

“The real beauty of the A5 is that I noticed almost none of these features while absorbed in the intoxicating dance of wings over decoys, and that is high praise for any gun,” Spomer concluded. “When a shotgun – particularly a new, unfamiliar one – fits and functions so well that it almost becomes an extension of the shooter, it’s truly doing its job.”

If you want to see what Ron Spomer was talking about, stop by a Browning retailer and put an A5 to your shoulder. Like Ron, we think the spirit of John M. Browning would be pretty pleased to have his name on this extraordinary autoloading shotgun. Click here below to get more information on the new A-5.


Read the article in the March/April edition of Ducks Unlimited magazine. To join Ducks Unlimited click here.  Browning is a proud supporter of Ducks Unlimited where they are committed to using members money wisely – at least 80% of every dollar goes directly to DU's conservation mission

Copyright Browning 2013. Review by Browning staff writer, Scott Engen. Quotes taken from March/April edition of Ducks Unlimited magazine. Copyright Ducks Unlimited.  www.ducks.org

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