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Show Us Your Buckmark Secret Revealed.

Release Date: 4/26/2013


A lot of people don't believe that John Dahl's mangled bird's nest of bent wires perched on a rock has anything to do with the Browning Show Us Your Buckmark contest -- and they wonder why he won. They saw the still photo on Facebook and right here on our site and it just looked fake. Well, to prove it, Mr. Dahl actually sent the sculputure to us here in Morgan, Utah. And dang! It's amazing. So are you one of the nonbelievers?

This video of his "4-D" sculpture shows you exaclty why he won!

How did he do it? "I start with the light source and have a Buckmark pattern pinned on the wall. I bend the wire by hand until the shadow matches the pattern."

Smoke and mirrors? No, it's the real deal. One big secret? It takes a lot of time. A lot! Was it worth it to John? You judge . . . he chose a Maxus Hunter for his prize. Not bad at all.





 John Dahl – Only the Shadow Knows

A self-taught artist living in Eugene, Oregon, John Dahl has long been inspired by the work of the great Western artists like Charles Russell and Fredrick Remington. When he’s not out hunting or fishing, John is busy in his studio working on his next sculpture. (Since John has been living in Oregon for more that 50 of his 70+ years, his state fishing license is now free.)

“This 4-D sculpture is made from heavy 9-gauge soft iron wire,” he said. “I started with the light source and have a Buckmark pattern pinned on the wall. I bend the wire by hand until the shadow matches the pattern. The actual size of the piece is about a foot high, and I usually place it about a foot or so away from the wall.”

“I love to watch people’s reaction when they discover the 4-D shadow secret of this sculpture,” he continued. “They take a first look and say ‘ho-hum’ but when they turn on the light and see it cast the Buckmark shadow, they’re awestruck.”

John has graciously donated his sculpture to the Browning art collection. Now the visitors to our offices can be awestruck as well.

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