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AXIS Adjustable Shelving: Another Reason To Buy a Browning ProSteel Gun Safe.

Release Date: 2/19/2013


The most versatile safe interior. Ever!

A safe is obviously capable of securing more than conventionally-shaped firearms -- if you can fit them in. Jewelry, documents, cameras, coin collections, MSRs and other valuables — plus shooting gear — can easily fit inside a safe configured for the gear. But the trick is maximizing storage capacity to accommodate all your different items of varying size. This is where the new AXIS shelving system from Browning ProSteel outshines ALL of the competition.

  • Unlike shelves in other safes that are either fixed in position or only offer vertical adjustment, AXIS shelves can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally and you can do it in just seconds on adjustable racks mounted inside the safe.
  • Axis shelves can be located in the safe as exactly as you want to accommodate nearly any size of firearm or other item while working around regularly shaped  long guns.
  • The protective, soft polymer surfaces prevent your guns and belongings from dings and nicks.
  • Position the shelving in any way you want to maximize space, and purchase accessory items to further customize the interior.

Watch this video for a fast overview on the AXIS Shelving System.


ANOTHER GOOD REASON TO CHOOSE AXIS FROM BROWNING. Inside a showroom, the interior of a safe appears cavernous. But once it is inside your home, it is amazing how quickly you ?ll that space up. If there is one feature that separates a Browning ProSteel safe from the crowd, it’s the interior. No other brand of safe can match our execution of maximizing storage, organization and ease of access inside the safe.

Pro Series Premium Series safes feature new AXIS Adjustable Shelving (U.S. patent #D662341) across the board. AXIS is unique because, unlike other safes with shelves that are fixed or offer very limited adjustments, this innovative storage system allows you to position shelves and gun racks to suit your exact needs and maximize the storage potential of your Browning ProSteel safe.

Axis shelves are constructed from a solid sheet of steel. The shelf surface is a soft polymer that is extremely durable and protects the item on the shelf. Shelves can  be placed at the exact location needed to match the size of the items on the shelf,  or the length of guns in the safe. You can also easily add or remove shelves as needed. If you want more organization than a standard shelf provides, you can choose from our six specific shelf designs that separate and protect jewelry, documents, handguns, etc.

A gun safe is a big investment. Maximize your return with versatile Axis Adjustable Shelving. Browning ProSteel Safes have led the industry for years in terms of safe storage solutions, now we take the concept to the highest level yet with our innovative Axis Adjustable Shelving (patent pending).

 The new Axis Adjustable Shelving comes standard on new Premium Series safes and on Browning ProSeries Safes.


 This video shows AXIS shelving in one of our new Black Label Tactical Gun Safes.

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