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Noted Outdoor Writer Nick Sisley Praises the New Browning 725 and A-5 Shotguns

Release Date: 12/18/2012


Recently Nick Sisley had a chance to put both the new Browning 725 Citori over and under and the A-5 recoil operated autoloader through their paces on a demanding four-day hunt the lush dove fields of the Cordoba Provence of Argentina. In short, he liked what he saw - and shot – in these two new Brownings - very, very much.

In his report in the Winter 2012-2013 issue of Buckmasters Gunhunter, Sisley immediately noted the significantly lower profile of the new 725’s receiver, intended to “…make the 725 point more naturally, as if it was part of the shooter.” He also noted the 725 retails the Citori’s legendary full width hinge pin for added dependability, strength and long life.

Smooth and Light.

“Smooth and light…” is how Sisley described the feel of the 725’s new mechanical trigger system. Unlike inertial trigger designs, the 725 Citori doesn’t require the recoil of the first shot to reset the trigger for the second shell, giving you an instant second shot capability.

Sisley also put the A-5 autoloader through its paces, praising it for its simplicity, outstanding ergonomics, smooth handling, light felt recoil and further noted that he and all four of the other shooters shot the A-5 well under all conditions.

The four hunters, over a four-day dove hunt went through thousands of shells. This allowed Sisley to delve into the innards of the all-new Invector DS choke tube system, a standard feature on both the 725 and A-5. The new DS tube design has an alloy seal at the bottom edge of the tube to keep burned powder and wad residue from creeping between the barrel wall and choke tube. Each day Sisley removed the tubes and checked for fouling, and found them clean and easy to remove and retighten. The new Invector DS tube design, when combined with Browning’s Total Barrel Dynamics system of back boring and Vector Plus extended forcing cones provides you with smooth, even and predictable patterns in any shooting situation.

Proof in the Performance.

A multi-hunter, multi-day dove hunt in Argentina will quickly expose any weakness in a shotgun’s design or function. About the Browning 725 and A-5 Sisley concluded “Not all shotguns are built to withstand the four days of hard use that these did. I liked both models. The proof was in their performance.”

If you’re ready to move up to Browning dependability, quality and performance, check out the new 725 Citori and the A-5 autoloader.

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