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Browning Gun Safes -- There is a Difference.

Release Date: 7/26/2012

Don't leave your guns and valuables at risk. Buying the right gun safe is easier than ever. Especially if it is a Browning. Our line has a level of depth that allows you to select the exact features you need to provide you the right protection for your situation. Our top end safes are extremely robust at every level and yet offer furniture like finish and elegance. And our value safes meet minimum standards that many others don't reach (or won't bother to reach), including UL listing. Simply put, don't buy a gun safe without a UL listing if you expect protection from break-in.

The Browning line of safes is divided into two groups, each offering unique advantages. Hundreds of Browning dealers handle our regular line. Pro Series safes are sold only through specialty safe dealers.


Browning ProSteel Gun Safes -- sold by Full Line Dealers and Other Authorized Dealers. 
These Browning gun safes are sold through the dealers you are familiar with. They often have many Browning products including safes. Many of these dealers have Browning safes in stock for you to look at. This group of regular line of Browning ProSteel safe dealers can help you with your selection, and if they do not have the safe you want, can order a specific safe and have it delivered. These safes can be delivered to the dealer's location for your pick-up or you can arrange for delivery to your home or office. The majority of these safes are sold for store pickup or curb delivery. A full range -- from our top-of-the-line selections to value safe -- is available.


Browning Pro-Series -- Specialty Gun Safe Dealers.  
Pro Series Safes are a special gun safe line offered by Browning that is available only through select dealers --  for the sole purpose of providing you with the highest quality products and after-sale service. Pro Series dealers are specially selected to go the extra mile and:
 • Assist in the careful customization of your safe
• Provide delivery of your gun safe in a professional and safe manner, using the best in heavy furniture moving equipment and techniques to assure your safe is installed safely in your home.
• Pro Series dealers are professionals carrying the appropriate insurance for handling your new safe.


Selecting a Browning ProSteel or Browning Pro Series safe. One key comparison feature you will want to give extra attention to is a safe's construction. By this we mean how the safe is put together . . . particularly the door. The mechanism that includes the bolts and the way they actually lock the door to the safe is critical. So is the way the door frame is built in order to resist prying.  Overall strength and massiveness of the materials themselves are key. Each factor contributes to the level of safety you are getting. The difference in security that you get between a bottom-of-the-line safe compared to a top end  safe is so wide that you must know what you are looking for -- and what features you need -- to make the correct decision. In all the confusion it is important to remember that not all gun safes are really "safes."
Determine the Level of Security You Need.   Many “gun safes” being sold at hardware chains and large marts are simply metal cabinets masquerading as safes. Don’t expect the sales people at these stores to go out of their way to explain the difference. The are not safe experts. For your own protection a good starting point is to make sure any safe you consider has the Underwriter's Laboratory Security Container Rating. This UL rating is the absolute minimum! Your safe MUST have it – and anything less is not going to offer much protection. No matter how the manufacturer “rates” their safes, without the UL rating you shouldn't consider it a viable gun safe. All Browning ProSteel and Pro Series safes have this rating, but at Browning that is not enough. Browning uses the UL rating as just a starting point for security, so we exceed this rating with every safe we sell.

Do You Need Fire Protection?  How much? Next to losing your guns to a burglar, the next big concern is losing them to a fire. The number one most important thing to look for in a fire safe is the thickness of the insulation. The difference between safes in this area is huge. Don’t buy a fire-rated gun safe unless you know exactly how much insulation it has. Browning insulation varies from ½” for safes used in lower risk situations up to 2 ½” of insulation for safes being used in higher risk situations. This is especially important when storing extremely valuable gun collections and other belongings or when the home is somewhat distant from a fire station. There is no gun safe industry standard rating for fire protection. For this reason it is important to know three key points before you buy a safe:

  1. Make sure the thickness of the insulation matches the protection you need.
  2. Look at the interior to make sure there are no gaps in the insulation.
  3. Make sure the safe is made by a brand you fully trust.

For a detailed look at the Browning way of securing your guns and valuables view our video "Gun Safes: What You Can't See Does Matter."  To watch it click below.



To go directly to the Pro Series Create Your Safe "builder" click here.

For a detailed explanation of the Pro Series safe line and  how you can Create Your Safe click here.

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