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Watch Fred Zink Put the Browning Maxus Through its Paces on Avian-X TV.

Release Date: 7/17/2012

Avian-X TV Has Arrived -- On the Pursuit Channel.

Browning is a proud sponsor of the groundbreaking new hunting TV show, Avian-X, now in its inaugural season on TV. On Avian-X Fred Zink and his crew take you on some of the most exciting and idea-packed hunts on TV.

Avian-X TV will change the way you look at waterfowl and turkey hunting television. Join Fred Zink and the Avian-X crew as they travel the United States and Canada to bring you epic hunts, using calling tactics and strategies that can make you more successful on the water and in the woods. You can visit his Website at: www.avian-x.com   

A nationally-recognized goose caller in his own right, Zink’s influence continues to grow and set new standards in the hunting call industry. Along with his wife Dawn, Fred has a full-time staff of call makers, designers and expert hunters who share his vision of what  hunting and calling can be. Along with an extensive line of waterfowl calls, Fred has also started producing calls for the predator and turkey hunter.  

Many of us first got to know Zink through his high-octane 24/7 DVD series which is designed to speak to hunters with exciting footage that shares the hunting experience with the viewers in a more realistic and "in-the-blind" technique than ever before.

The addition of Avian-X TV on the Pursuit Channel has given waterfowlers -- and any hunters who use calls to bring in the game -- greater exposure to one of the real masters of calling and call design.

So how did Zink and Browning come together. It is a case of mutual admiration. Zink Calls are considered among the best in the world and his duck calls and goose calls have passed the toughest tests. Today, his complete line of calls, including Turkey, live up to and expectation of premium quality and extreme durability. These are the same ideals held by Browning. This, coupled with his raw enthusiasm for waterfowling, makes him a perfect fit for his close association with Browning as a Pro-Staff team member and a consultant on many of our projects.


Read his Pro Staff profile and bio right here on browning.com.   

The video below is the teaser for the new Avian-X TV show running now on the Pursuit Channel.



A Little History on Zink and the Avian-X brand.

Ohio native Fred Zink founded Zink Calls in 2001. "I saw a demand - a want - for custom goose and duck calls among both field hunters and competitive callers," said Zink, himself a nationally-recognized goose caller. "That and I wanted very much to promote the sport of hunting within the ranks of our country's young people. We as outdoor manufacturers owe it to ourselves and the hunting community to do everything we can to recruit, educate, and encourage young outdoors people."

Zink's high-end calls and 24/7 DVD series present the ultimate from-the-field outdoor experiences designed for the hard-core hunter, the 'fowler who aspires for that next level in calling and hunting proficiency. "It's my wish," said Zink, "to help today's duck and goose caller be more successful afield, whether that success is translated into birds on the ground or memories to be cherished for a lifetime."

But Zink hasn't created his calling empire alone. "My wife, Dawn," said Zink, "oversees all of the operations of the business. She keeps us all focused, addresses the vital day-to-day aspects of the business, and ensures that Zink Calls always is headed in a positive direction."

With growth often comes physical expansion, and Zink Calls has been no exception. From humble 1,800 square foot beginnings in the town of Clayton, the company relocated to a new 10,000 square foot facility in Port Clinton during the Fall of 2006. Today, Zink Calls is staffed by 10 full-time employees, each specializing in a different aspect of the business including videography, photography, editing, call production and milling, and sales. Once focusing solely on waterfowl-related products, Zink Calls has recently entered both the predator (2008) and turkey (2009) hunting realms.

"This business - the whole of the outdoors - is all about constant innovation and improvement," said Zink. "We are traditionalists, but that doesn't mean we can't upgrade. It's our goal here at Zink Calls to bring outdoorsmen and women the New, the Now, and the 21st Century."

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