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2011 Show Us Your Buckmark Winners Announced.

Release Date: 5/16/2012

The  Winners of the Browning Show Us Your Buckmark contest have been selected. These winners are selected from submissions posted to the Show Us Your Buckmark contest page on Browning.com. The prizes have been awarded in keeping with contest guidelines and requirements. This year's submissions were some of our most creative and interesting ever.
For details on the current 2012 contest go to the Show Us Your Buck contest page.  
Read the rules for submitting your entry in the current Show Us Your Buckmark contest.   
Also, you can read the history of the Buckmark logo by clicking here.

2011 Grand Prize Winners  

Aaron Coston (Baby Bed) 
Glen Whitfield (Cowboy Boots)
Sheila Callingbull-Owen (Crochet Hat and Mittens) 
George King (End Table)  

2011 Runner-Up Winners

Andy Blanton (Leaded Glass) 
Taylor Pommier (Rustic Bed Frame) 
Steven Schermer (Homemade Cake)

Grand Prize Winners

Aaron Coston.

Aaron Coston had never done much woodwork, let alone craft a child's bed for his new son, Hank. His friend gave him the confidence to undertake constructing a piece of furniture that earned him a winning status in the Browning Show Us Your Buckmark contest and a new firearm.

Aaron was aware and appreciated the genius and designs of John M. Browning so decided to incorporate some of his most recognizable works; namely, the Auto-5 and the Winchester Model 94 into his bed design. He designed the front rail based on the Winchester Model 1894 rifle, showing two rifles meeting in the middle of the rail. He hand-checkered each forearm, selecting the best piece of walnut in the stack. It turned out to be an outstanding grain that was different that the wood used for the rest of the bed. Then he carved the Browning Buckmark logo by hand into the headboard. Under this he made cutouts in the shape of the famous Auto-5 shotgun.

For the top cap on the ends of the two front legs, he made grooves in the shape of the M-1911 45 Auto. Connecting bolt holes are capped with a 45 shell casing. The firearms motif is elegantly subtle, with the design concentrating mostly on the fine walnut materials and carvings and discretely paying tribute to some of John M. Browning's most famous gun designs. The vertical bars are of steel, and were expertly blued by a local gunsmith. This work alone took nearly six months to complete. Aaron learned as he went, taking an entire year to complete the bed for little Hank.

His favorite Browning gun is his grandfather's 20 gauge Auto-5, but is not in line to inherit it. That's ok. He bought one on his own, and has chosen a Browning Maxus shotgun for his prize. Congratulations to Aaron for his creativity and diligence in creating a fine piece of furniture for his young son, Hank. He should sleep well in his new bed.

Glen Whitfield.

Glen Whitfield knows his Browning products and needed a new pair of boots a while ago. He ordered them custom made, and while he was at it added the Browning Buckmark logo, big and bold on the back of each boot.. The only drawback was he had to tuck his pants in the tops of the boots so the Buckmark would show. He wore them this way until people got familiar with his idea and his bootmaker's artwork. After that, he pulled his pant legs on the outside of the boots, like any seasoned Texas cowboy would do. His friends and family kind of laughed at his idea, but when he won the Show Us Your Buckmark contest, and a new Browning X-Bolt rifle in 300 Win. Mag., he had the last laugh. And he who laughs last, laughs best.

Glen hunts deer, dove quail and ". . . anything that has hair and four legs" near his home in Throckmorton, Texas. His entire family hunts, and as always seems the case, he cut his teeth on his daddy's 16 gauge Browning Auto-5 shotgun. That shotgun remains his favorite piece of Browning gear today. He works part-time for a firm that breeds whitetail deer, so he gives back more than he takes in hunting. Looking at the photos of his boots, you can see the fine handiwork, stitching and design that went into them. Glen mentioned he wears his Buckmark boots every day, and they are nearly worn out.

We're proud of Glen for getting the Browning logo in leather, on a practical, nicely crafted and comfortable pair of Texas cowboy boots. Congratulations to Glen Whitfield and our other Browning SUYB winners.

Sheila Callingbull-Owen.

Sheila Callingbull-Owen lives in a small hamlet in North Central Alberta, Canada called Red Earth Creek. She serves as office manager in the Red Earth Creek School. Her fascinating name is attached to her genealogy, being a descendent from the native Enoch Cree Nation from Alberta. Sheila is a very talented lady and actually entered Browning's Show Us Your Buckmark contest earlier with a bench she had made. She did not win that time, but mustered her creativity to try again. Enjoying crocheting, another idea quickly came to her.
Winters are long in Northern Alberta, which allowed Sheila time to create a unique entry, clever and beautiful enough to win the hearts of the SUYB judges and a new Browning X-Bolt rifle.
She crocheted a beautiful set of warm mittens and a touque (cap) in white and pink. Both had the Buckmark logo. The pink color was to help remind us of cancer victims and to help find a cure for this terrible disease. She also made small pockets in the mittens to hold her .410 shotshells!
Sheila's family, including her husband and three sons, are all hunters. She likes to hunt moose, deer and especially grouse. She recently bagged a fine trophy whitetail deer (her first) and hung it on her wall. For her determination and creativity, Sheila will be hunting with a new Browning X-Bolt White Gold in 270 Win. this fall.

George King.

George King is very skilled with a CNC plasma cutter and used it in finely crafting an all-steel Browning Buckmark end table for his father.

His dad bugged him for several months to fabricate a Buckmark table that he could use in his hunting camp, George told him he didn't quite have the time, but after he started, the work went easy and was fun to produce. The steel Buckmark logo was patterned and carved using the plasma cutter. He presented the table to his father for Christmas, then entered the work in the Browning Show Us Your Buckmark contest after seeing notices for the contest online and in magazines. To his surprise, his work won him a Grand Prize in the Show Us Your Buckmark Contest and a new Browning X-Bolt rifle. Not bad. He plans to use the new rifle in hunting whitetail deer outside his home in Kinder, Louisana.
George's favorite piece of Browning gear is his dad's old Browning Auto-5 shotgun, which is not surprising in many of our SUYB contestants. Many who enter are life-long Browning fans and we find that very pleasing, indeed.


Runner-Up Winners

Andy Blanton.

Andy Blanton is one of those interesting, rare individuals that was blessed with an abundance of creative ability. He specifically works in glass products, customizing and designing windows, artwork, ideas and designs for discriminating customers all over the state of Kentucky and the surrounding area. He is very meticulous in his work. He was inspired to submit an entry into the Show Us Your Buckmark contest by the SUYB winner who carved the large Buckmark in the tree trunk a few years ago. He saw the winning work in Field & Stream magazine.

Andy owns his own business, "Blanton Art Glass, LLC." His entire family hunts and there are many handed-down shotguns and rifles that remind the family shooters of the great hunting  heritage they all share with close ancestors. Andy hunts whitetails and long-bearded wild turkeys in and around his Louisville, Kentucky home. He owns an early Browning BL-22 lever-action rifle and has inherited his granddaddy's Sweet 16 Auto-5 shotgun. This puts him in the true Browning Man class, and he's anxious to continue the legacy.

Andy crafted his winning entry of hand-beveled glass, originally from lead crystal. He used custom glass jewels for facets that form the border. Then, using a carbide hammer, he carefully chipped each edge giving them an antique look. He then fired each piece (about 1 3/4" x 2 1/2") in a kiln to soften the sharp edges. After assembly, Andy framed the glass in genuine, weathered antique barn wood. It completed beautifully a work of art created by a young man with gifted insights. It also won him a new Browning rifle.

Taylor Pommier.

19-year-old Taylor Pommier's determination to show his loyalty and win in Browning's Show Us Your Buckmark paid off recently. Taylor graduated from high school in Kimberley, British Columbia, Canada last year. During his high school years, he entered the Browning contest every chance he got. His first entry was a lovely pendant made from silver that he cast himself. Next was a nightstand made from pine with a big Buckmark hand-burned into the surface. Then came the entry of a deluxe gun cabinet with a Buckmark on the door, followed by a belt buckle with a 3-D Buckmark. Finally, his last entry, a beautifully finished pine bed with the Buckmark logo carved in the head and footboard did the trick, winning Taylor a Browning X-Bolt in 325 WSM.

Taylor's favorite game to hunt is the Rocky Mountain Elk, and so far has has taken two bulls and two cows. He currently is working at a local sawmill and has entered college, studying to become a Wildlife Conservation Officer; a noble goal for any young outdoorsman. Taylor saw the contest ad in a wholesale sporting goods magazine and while taking a woodshop class in high school, began entering his work in the SUYB contest. His winning entry is a bed that he made from pine trees in the area where he hunts. The logs were hand-cut, peeled and shaved and allowed to dry, then Taylor treated the logs and mattress boards with a Danish oil. He carved Buckmark logos in the head and foot board. And, this entry also won him the award for best work in his high school workshop.

It was a great tribute to Taylor, and a fine way to end his high school years. We wish him the best of luck and success as he studies to become a WCO in a pristine country full of forests, wild game and wild places.

Steven Schermer.

Steven Schermer lives in Peoria, Illinois and likes to hunt ducks with his buddies. He uses an older Browning autoloader to take 'em down. He is self-employed and has been a long-time user of many Browning products.

Steven heard about the Show Us Your Buckmark contest while online at the Browning website. He entered the contest with a simple idea, one that would seem to never get a second glance. He got together with his girlfriend and rather at the spur of the moment, made an angel food cake. The cake was unique in that it was in the shape of the Buckmark Logo and had very intricate dabs of different colored icings, producing a very striking camouflage covering. Icing colors used included black, white, tan, gray and green. As you can see, the cake turned out wonderfully, and is a real attention getter, winning Steven a fine Browning product of his choice. We don't know how the cake tasted, but judging from its looks, it must have been wildly delicious.



Copyright© Browning 2012. Show Us Your Buckmark articles and bios were written and compiled by Chip Hewlett of Browning from interviews with the winners.

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