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Browning Cynergy Receives Award from Chuck Hawkes Team

Release Date: 10/3/2011

Guns and Shooting Online Magazine

Browning is always pleased to receive a good word from the tough-as-nails team at Guns and Shooting Online. This editor has been following Chuck Hawkes and his online reviews for at least a decade. These guys hold no punches. So when they don't punch it is a huge compliment. And when they say something outright positive it's, well, amazing.

So it was with great pleasure when we just learned that the Guns and Shooting Online staff at www.ChuckHawkes.com had awarded the Browning Cynergy one of its 2011 Firearms Awards. In our minds this is more than an award of excellence, it is an award earned by running the gauntlet and surviving. We think it also is a vote of confidence for you and all those who want to put their money into products that are the real deal, and today's Cynergy is. You can trust the Browning Cynergy to do the job.

The award announcement is printed below as received from Chuck and his team.

Guns and Shooting Online 2011 Firearms Awards

By the Guns and Shooting Online Staff

Shotgun Award: Browning Cynergy Classic Series


The hingelock O/U has been tried before, but not with particularly good results. One example is the smallish hinge found on the TOZ 34. An upscale, rarely seen treatment is the Swedish Caprinus with patents from 1982, later known as the Flodman. The stainless steel Flodman with its lever-cocking action remains a scarcely known, pricey piece of exotica. The Cynergy, formerly code-named “Shiek” was designed by Dwight Potter and introduced in 2004.

The Cynergy was and is a remarkable shotgun, although the earlier versions suffered from an over dose of ugly Euro-trash styling. The Cynergy Classic series (Classic Field, Classic Sporting and Classic Trap) has substantially reduced the ugly quotient. In fact, except for an excessively hooked pistol grip on the Field and Sporting versions, the Cynergy Classics are good looking shotguns. The distinctive monolock hinge isn't going to look like Grandpa's shotgun, but Browning has softened the blow with the Cynergy Classic models. Aesthetics aside, many folks have come to the same conclusion, that being the Cynergy is either the softest-shooting O/U shotgun they have ever tried or the first and only O/U they have ever used that they really enjoy shooting.

The Classic Field has been given upgraded wood and engraving along with Browning's Vector Pro lengthened forcing cones in both twelve and twenty gauge. The great accomplishment of the Cynergy is its low-profile action, the cornerstone of the stack barrel premise. The Cynergy explores this to the greatest degree possible and in so doing sets itself apart from standard stack barrel fare. The Browning Cynergy is breath of fresh air and if you've not pulled the trigger on a Cynergy, you owe it to yourself to do so.

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