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Browning Shooter is World Champion in Sporting Clays.

Release Date: 9/28/2011

Christophe Auvret and his Browning take it all.

Read about Auvret's incredible wins this year right now on our Browning International (Europe) Website by clicking on the image below.

In Europe, sporting clays has an extreme level of competitiveness with bragging rights going to the shooters, the shooter's country and the manufacturers of the firearms being shot by the winners.

At the 33rd World Parcours de Chasse Championship in Orville, France Frenchman Christophe Auvret gave an incredible performance by shooting close to perfectly throughout the entire competition.  The result was a score of 198 x 200.  Your read that right. Although this represented a culmination of several years of great shooting,  Auvret's competitiveness has been particularly intense for the past year, going back to when he blasted through all other qualifiers from France to take the top spot at the 2010 Euro PCH Championship held in Russia.  

Auvret was truly in the groove at the World FITASC, leading with 100 x 100 straight -- then finally on Saturday dropping his only two birds on his first set of doubles on the very first set of stands (parcours in French) of the day's shooting.  That only seemed to firm his resolve and he cleared the rest of the stands for the win.

FITASC is a version of sporting clays that was developed by the French which duplicates an intense European style of shooting.  FITASC is explained this way in Sporting Clays Magazine: "The most challenging form of sporting clays, it is the French version of practice for field shooting. Unlike the free and easy format of English or American Sporting, FITASC Sporting is shot in squads of up to six with a fixed order of stands (parcours in French) that are shot in strict rotation. A competition normally consists of 200 targets shot over three days in eight rounds of 25."

To learn more about the different types of sporting clays, read the rest of the details on the game of sporting clays in an excellent story found on the Website sportingclays.com.

 Watch this interview with Auvret done after his win -- in French with English subtitles.

History of Auvret's recent accomplishments.


  • Bronze medal scratch of the World Sporting
  • Bronze medal Senior of the World Sporting
  • World Champion Team Senior of the World Sporting
  • Gold medal of the cup of World Sporting
  • World Champion Scartch Sporting
  • World Champion Senior Sporting
  • Gold Medal of the World Cup Sporting
  • Scratch European Champion Compak Sporting
  • Senior European Champion Compak Sporting
  • Gold medal of the European cup Compak Sporting
  • Bronze medal Senior Team of the European Compak Sporting
  • Senior European Champion Sporting
  • Vice-European Champion Scratch Sporting
  • Senior European Cup Sporting


  • World Champion Senior Compak Sporting
  • World Champion SCRATCH Compak Sporting
  • European champion scratch Sporting
  • Senior European Champion Sporting
  • Champion European Team Sporting
  • Gold Medal of the European Cup Sporting


  • French Champion of Sporting Clays
  • Bronze Medal at the French Championships of Compak Sporting
  • European Champion of Team Sporting Clays


  • 6th World Championship Sporting
  • 11th European Championship Sporting


  • 16th World Championship Sporting
  • 7th European Championship Sporting
  • 8th World Championship Compak Sporting


  • 32nd World Championship Sporting
  • 4th European Championship Sporting
  • 8th World Championship Compak Sporting
  • 9th European Championship Compak Sporting

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