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The Browning Expeditions TV Show -- Packed With Action.

Release Date: 6/23/2011

Now on Versus and the Sportsman Channel.

The 2011 season of Browning Expeditions is better than ever, with even more adventure, tougher hunts, great guests and plenty of things to learn. Host Stephen LeBlanc is back after last year's incredible series of hunts. And to complete this season's episodes took over two months of constant hunting -- taking LeBlanc away from his business as an award winning wildlife sculptor and forcing him out into the mountains, meadows and plains to hunt. It's a tough job.

This year LeBlanc takes a closer look -- with each episode -- of the little things that can make a difference in the success of the hunt. In addition to his own experience nad tips, his guests -- like famous knife designer Russ Kommer, Utah big game guide Bill Norton and football legend Jason Elam -- add a unique perspective that not only will help you be a better hunter, but simply make these hunts great fun. Plus LeBlanc is joined by a unique collection of friends, guides, and expert hunters to add a fresh dimension to each episode.  

This year Browning Expeditions has moved to the Versus Network. This giant of an network has a total line-up of the best sporting events, plus unmatched hunting and outdoors programming.

Make your plans now and get ready to set your DVR timer for the best season ever of Browning Expeditions.

Browning Expeditions 2011 Episode Guide  

Current, 2011 episodes are running this fall on Versus.

Earlier seasons are running right now on the Sportsman Channel. (See the listing below the Versus schedule.)

(Check local listings for actual EST, MDT, etc.)

Browning Expeditions on Versus.

301  -- Water Buffalo and Wings.

Steve LeBlanc and good friend Steve Houy head below the equator to the wilds ofArgentina’s Santiago Del Estero province to hunt the massive unpredictable water buffalo, and later fits in a dove hunt for some world class wing shooting with guide Hugo Pasquettin of Paco Riestra shooting and hunting..

302 -- Wild Elk Extravaganza.

Steve and god friend Brad Severs head to northern Colorado with Bridger Petrini and Tri-State Outfitters to try to bag a trophy elk.

303 -- Idaho Double Trouble Muleys and Whitetails.

Steve and his friend Bill Norton head to north centralIdahowith guide Aaron Henson of Boulder Creek Outfitters to hunt deer, both muleys and whitetail.

304 -- First Time Pronghorns.

Steve and his friends the Severs family head to the T.O. Ranch, 12 miles SW of Ratton, New Mexico, home of Tri-State Outfitters and guide Chip Deiner, so that Steve can join the Severs kids, Matt, Anne, and Chris on their very first antelope hunt, as the antelope happens to be one of Steve’s favorite animals to hunt.

305 -- Crossing the Plains of Africa.

Steve and friend Bill Norton head to the dark continent With Jonathan Hulme of Zambezi Hunters to hunt a plethora of African game, including waterbuck, klipspringer, impala, and even one of the big five, the cape buffalo.

306 -- Kommer is No Newcomer.

Steve and his friend Browning custom knife maker, Russ Kommer, heads out to Mott, North Dakota to hunt pheasants, then drops by Russ’ studio to create a custom knife for Steve, and end up in Steele, North Dakota to hunt a variety of ducks.

307 -- Diassapearing Into the Golden Triangle.

Steve Heads to the golden triangle of west centralIllinoisto hunt with his friend, Brad Severs of Sugar Creek Outfitters for some trophy whitetail on the first day of shotgun season. Later Steve and friend Bill Norton drop byTrenton,Floridato hunt with Guide Randy Ransom from Gilchrist Outfitters and try to complete his grand slam of turkeys.

308 -- Getting a Kick out of Alaska.

Steve heads to our 50thstateAlaska, to take his good friend, football legend Jason Elam on his first caribou hunt. This is truly an episode you will enjoy. The caribou hunt of a lifetime is interrupted by an unexpected visit from a prowling brown bear. Not to mention, Jason lives in Alaska and gives Stephen a few tips on flying a bush plane.


For more information on times and datescheck the Versus Network Website. Versus and NBC Sports have now teamed up, don't be surprised when your search for times of future episodes that you take a swing through the NBC Sports Webpage along the way. Click on the Versus logo to go to the Versus Website.



For more information and times for Expeditions Classic Episodes (season one and two) you will need to check local listings for the Sportsman Channel. In general the times are listed below. Click the logo to go to the Sportsman Channel page for Browning Expeditions Classics.


  • Sunday  -- 12:00 PM
  • Thursday -- 2:00 PM
  • Friday -- 3:30 AM

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