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2010 Show Us Your Buckmark Winners Announced.

Release Date: 5/9/2011

Read the stories on each winner and why they love Browning

Browning’s “Show Us Your Buckmark” contest for has produced some very creative and artistic entries, probably better than ever before. Over the few years it has run, this contest has inspired thousands in creative thinking in coming up with fun ideas on how to display the Buckmark logo. These ideas emerge from people all over the world who know and use Browning products. We are very grateful for their intense loyalty and creativity in submitting ideas. It has really been fun to review them all. Something to remember is that winners are heavily judged on creativity. That is why you won't see many winners who have done something that has been done before. We love all your entries, but winners often do something unique. And that holds true this year.

Where do these ideas come from? The sky is the limit, and many ideas come from family, friends, from being outside, hunting, shooting and utilizing everyday things.
Each project takes careful planning and in most cases, a lot of time and in some cases, expensive materials. This year Lauren Christian takes top accolades. She works with people who are often at the worst physical crises of their lives; in a trauma care unit. She made a waterproof Buckmark sticker and put it on her stethoscope and embroidered one on her scrubs. She is a true angel, and many of her patients have been diverted from pain, if only for a few minutes, in learning about the small, strange symbol on her scrubs.

Lauren Christian -- Scrubs and Stethoscope

Lauren’s entire family has hunted for several years, and she loves to go hunting with her husband. Her favorite hunting rifle is her Browning X-Bolt and a favorite hat her husband gave her.
She said, “Our two baby girls will join us as soon as scent elimination spray works on diapers.” That may be a while, and certainly, no scent manufacturer has considered this market for their product yet. It will take some intensive study and research but has great potential, even if the cover scent is not used for hunting. Lauren says, “I am a sucker for all North American big game (and we chase all of it) but by the time the season’s over, I’m ready to stop obsessing over scent and noise management. Enter duck season, hot chocolate, and hours of talking in the blind. “
Lauren reads a lot of outdoor magazines and that’s where she found the Show Us Your Buckmark Contest ad.  Our big question: How did she decide to put the Buckmark logo on her stethoscope and on her scrubs and why?
She relates, “As a Trauma Intensive Care RN, I’m shoulder to shoulder with people at one of the most difficult times of their lives.  Finding a uniquely personal connection with them often makes a big difference in their overall spirits and encourages their recovery.  I knew that any patient who’d spent time in the woods would be quick to recognize the Buckmark anywhere.  My stethoscope just seemed like the perfect target as it's often an object of curiosity to begin with.  After they jokingly ask me “what Doctor I stole it from,” we get on to swapping stories bedside.  In a difficult time, it’s brought the campfire within reach.  As far as my scrub top goes . . . a Buckmark sure beats the heck out of smiley faces, Snoopy or cats with yarn balls.”
Lauren explains how  she applied the logo to her stethoscope and scrubs. “In the medical world, function has to come before form so unfortunately, the use of metal wasn’t an option for me.  There’s nothing like someone placing cold metal against your bare skin in the middle of the night.  More importantly, I still needed to be able to hear extremely well through it.  With that in mind, I created a weather- resistant sticker with the same dimensions as the existing plate to give it that appearance.  The weatherproofing allows me to sterilize it.  The scrub top was done by a friend who does embroidery.”
Lauren has chosen a new Browning Maxus Hunter autoloading shotgun to complement her Browning X-Bolt rifle as her prize from Browning.
If there was a Show Us Your Buckmark contest winner more deserving than Lauren, it would have to be an angel from heaven, and Lauren is as close as it gets. Congratulations to her.   
In this Photo (just received) Lauren shows off the new Browning Maxus she chose as her prize for winning the Show Us Your Buckmark Contest.

Daniel Norton -- Shed Antlers

Daniel Norton is a woodsman, working in the deep forests near his home in Walker Creek, British Columbia. Walker Creek is where the “wild” comes from in “wilderness.” Try locating Walker Creek on the BC map — this town is remote. Naturally, Dan grew up hunting and fishing near his home, always being challenged by his favorite big game, elk and sheep. These animals are big stakes and big trophies for any hunter and Dan is lucky to live in their backyards. His whole family has hunted this area for decades, using Browning rifles and shotguns, plus a good variety of Browning clothing and other products. This is gear that is often passed down to younger hunters in the family group.
Daniel got involved with the Browning “Show Us Your Buckmark” contest from seeing our ad in a magazine. Like many of the contest entrants, he was fascinated then hooked. Talking with his brother, they came up with the idea of using shed antlers to outline a huge Buckmark on the ground. They called it, “Temporary Art.”  Daniel says, “My brother and I came up with this idea of using antlers from elk, deer and moose to outline the familiar Buckmark sign. It took lots of time to gather the sheds, and a lot of them!”  Daniel selected a new Browning Maxus Hunter shotgun he received for being a winner, saying now it is his favorite Browning firearm. 
Daniel says, “I live and breathe hunting and the outdoors; therefore, I need a product I can trust. I entered the Buckmark contest to show that Browning is that product for me. Whether I am on the river or up the mountain, the Buckmark always gets the job done!” 

Colter Draney -- Buckmark Wall Plaque

Colter lives and hunts in the heart of Star Valley, Wyoming where lucky hunters can take a mule deer with a rack of a lifetime. Elk, bear, mountain goat or big horn sheep are found not far from your front porch. The high valley lakes and streams hold big fish.  There is also rafting down the Snake River and boating on the nearby Palisades reservoir. Colter Draney lives in the center of this outdoorsman’s paradise and hunts and fishes within a few miles of his home. His father Troy, much to the concern of his mother, took him hunting at age three.

Colter has two sisters and one brother. His sisters shoot trap and skeet at the local range whenever they can. When his older brother drew out on a big horn sheep hunt, Colter told his father, “If I have to miss my junior year of high school, I am going on that hunt.” His brother was in college and he labored to make up classes in advance, working, studying on Saturdays in planning for the hunt of a lifetime. The three of them were together when Colter’s brother was lucky enough to take a big ram at an elevation of 10,500 feet, after hiking and stalking through heavy snows and fighting bitter winds.

Colter likes to place the Buckmark logo just about anywhere he can. He carves mostly in wood, and has done a lot of decorative artwork in furniture, tools, leather, consoles and cowboy hats. If an item stands out like the fenders on an ATV, Colter is usually giving it an artistic look with the Buckmark.

Jarrod Benningfield -- Buckmark Gun Vault Rack

Working as a project manager for a construction company in Boston, Kentucky, Jarrod Benningfield has a lot of opportunity to mingle with skilled craftsmen, creative types and all kinds of tools and heavy equipment.

Jarrod’ first firearm was a Browning and he commented that  “It made such a lasting impression on me that I have remained loyal to the brand for most of my life. I heard about the Show Us Your Buckmark contest from visiting the Browning website.”

He has two sons and it is vital to Jarrod that they learn and practice safe gun handling at all times. He says, “Not only is it important to protect my guns from theft, I felt it was necessary to ensure my children never handled a firearm while unsupervised.”

We asked Jarrod what his favorite Browning product was. His answer, “Things that go boom!”

In many new residential housing foundations, there is often a space below the porch or entryway framed in concrete. Since this was the case with Jarrod’s new home he was building, he realized it was the ideal area for a secure gun vault. Here he could store his firearms and other valuables and keep them away from unwanted hands.

Jarrod got together with his father-in-law and laid out some fancy sketches and plans for finishing the inside of the vault. They used rough sawn white oak and cherry veneer for the panels, built gun racks and installed plenty of shelving. Jarrod was able to obtain an antique bank vault door for the entrance, and as it swings open, there is the large Buckmark straight ahead
on the panel. His choice for being a winner in our contest is a new Maxus shotgun, which he’ll be proud to display in his Buckmark gun vault among the other Browning’s that also go “boom.”

Gilles Bernier -- Buckmark Bar

Gilles Bernier, a Show Us Your Buckmark winner, mentioned in his winning submission, “I find that the artist who created the Buckmark logo was a great genius. In one stroke of a pen he has been able to picture a female and a male deer. This logo represents very well what Browning is, a sober and pure line, like the one found in a Browning gun.”

A friend told Gilles about the Buckmark contest and the idea came to him to build a bar. He continues, “I was proud of the result and I decided to participate. This is a happy ending story for me.”

We are glad Gilles entered our contest. His Buckmark bar took a lot of time and work. The counter section of his bar, where he serves his guests is slightly curved. In the center, facing you is the large Buckmark logo. Suspended from the ceiling, just overhead are 24” panels and a rack that holds glasses and recessed lighting. In each panel, five more Buckmarks are displayed. Those who are served at this deluxe bar have no doubt that Gilles is a Browning man. His bar is incredible.


Runners-Up Winners.

Craig Van Wicks -- Wall Sconce

Perhaps you do not know what a wall sconce is. It’s a bracket for holding candlesticks or a group of candlesticks. Or, a sconce can be like an electric light fixture with a fancy frame or grid. Since Craig Wicks ran his own business of building and selling rustic home décor fixtures and decorations with outdoor themes, (Wick’s Western Originals), the Buckmark was a natural development of his creative process. His idea found its way to his CNC plasma cutting table. But, let us go back and discover what Craig did to come up with this slick idea to make him a winner.

Craig lives and runs his shop in St. Maries, Idaho, located on a delightful northern route to the Idaho panhandle — God’s country, right on a picturesque bend of the St. Joe river. St. Maries has its own hospital and airport, surrounded by a quiet community of a little over 2,000 citizens. 

Craig mentioned, “I have been a fan of Browning products for many years. My dad bought a Browning a number of years ago, and I was hooked.  Just last fall I bought a Browning A-Bolt in 300 WSM . . . I love its quick action, smooth movements and great shooting.”

Craig’s wife and two sons enjoy hunting and fishing together. Elk, whitetail deer, bear and upland game including quail are found in abundance near his home, and every opportunity during the season finds them on the trail.

Since his boys are not quite old enough to shoot, they will be experts in gun handling and safety in just a few years, and are very anxious to get their hunting licenses.

Noticing an ad for the contest in an outdoor magazine, wheels began turning in Craig’s head. He thought at first to build a fire ring, but later noticed that project had been done earlier, and had won the Show Us Your Buckmark contest. He thought of the wall sconce, and wanted something very unique. Since he was in the fabricating business, the sconce took shape. He drew the logo, incorporated it into one of his designs, cut it out, formed and welded the light together then powder coated it. He then added the almond mica for the shades, wired them and hung them up. Pretty slick. He placed them in a friend’s newly remodeled cabin to see how they looked. He took the photos, sent them in and he’s a winner.

Craig has selected a sweet T-Bolt 22 Stainless Sporter for his award. Now his boys will have a Browning 22 rifle to help them learn how to shoot and train in hunter safety. 

Bob and Judy Hunter -- Matching Buckmark Wedding Rings

Bob and Judy Hunter, both retired from General Motors Corporation, found a solution for their desire to have their name, “Hunter” on their wedding rings. “It was not possible,” said the jeweler. In complete frustration and one month before the wedding, the couple again visited the jeweler and asked him if he could incorporate the Buckmark logo onto the rings. The jeweler again said he could not do it.

Judy continues, “I took the band off of Bob’s cigar and asked him (the jeweler) if this was large enough to handle the logo and still put our last name on the rings. Since I had never seen Bob without his cigar, it seemed a fitting union. The wedding ring design was created right then. Bob has since stopped smoking cigars but our wedding ring reminds us everyday of our love for hunting, our love for each other and the many adventures we have had together.”

Bob has hunted over 40 years, introducing Judy to the sport in 1994. Together, they have hunted in South Africa, Zimbabwe, New Zealand and across the U.S. and Canada. Judy carries a Browning BAR autoloader in 30-06. Together, they have hung 60 mounts in their log cabin home they built themselves in Emmett, Michigan. Nearly half of the trophies they have taken made the Safari Club International (SCI) record book. Judy recalls, “Bob’s most memorable hunt was in Zimbabwe hunting cape buffalo. Mine was in South Africa where I took a beautiful gemsbok.”

Brian VeerKamp -- Etched in a Boulder

Brian VeerKamp has been using Browning firearms and other products since the late sixties when he was old enough to hunt. And since he is recently retired as Fire Chief, he deserves our accolades and sincere thanks for his unselfish service in devotion to his community. Way to go, Chief!

Brian and his family all hunt and fish, with many opportunities to pursue their favorite game near their home in Placerville, California. He loves hunting elk, deer, turkey, pheasants, dove and quail plus ducks as often as he can. He prepares all the wild game he brings home. His favorite Browning guns are his BAR autoloading rifle in 270 Win. and his rare Browning Twelvette 2-shot shotgun.

Flipping through an outdoor magazine, Brian saw the Show Us Your Buckmark winners. He reviewed the contest and the past winning entries and "did not see any water feature designs. I was building my swimming pool and waterfall and selected a 10-ton granite boulder to stand straight up to inlay the Buckmark logo.” No wonder he won. That’s one heavy, unusual project!

As he continues, "I thought what a great place to inlay your trademark for displaying my loyalty to your great products. I planned on utilizing black slate for my pool edging and utilized the same for the Buckmark. I used an overhead projector to project the Buckmark logo onto the boulder and then traced it. I then utilized a die grinder to grind out the area for inlaying the hand-cut pieces of black slate. Then I mortared them in place and applied polish and a sealer to the area.”

Brian selected another deluxe Browning BAR autoloading rifle in caliber 30-06 for his prize. We wish him the very best in his retirement and hunting experiences with his new rifle, returning home of course to a cool dip in his new swimming pool. The giant, rock-solid Buckmark logo will welcome all guests.




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