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Release Date: 4/28/2011

Pheasants Forever and the Browning Bird n Lite Jacket and Vest -- Covering field after field for pheasant or climbing up hill after hill for grouse and chukkar takes its toll on your body and shooting performance. As inspiring as a limit of birds swinging in your game vest is, those birds, plus your shells, water, food, jacket, etc all conspire to weigh you down and leave you with sore shoulders and a sore back at the end of the day. No matter how successful the day has been, it's a long walk back to the truck when you are tired and uncomfortable. Browning's new Bird n Lite upland hunting jackets and vests are here make your day in the field much more enjoyable, and there are good reasons why this upland gear is better than any other system on the market.  Read on or go directly to the Browning Bird'n Lite Interactive page.

If you were going hiking for the day, you would choose a backpack, right? A backpack is designed to carry a load with comfortable shoulder straps, a sternum strap across the chest and a wide waist belt to hold the weight of the pack on your hips and keep it from swinging. In other words a backpack is designed to comfortable distribute weight. Now, ask yourself if you would empty the contents of the backpack into your upland vest and take off. Probably not, because that upland vest was never designed to carry weight as efficiently as a backpack. Now imagine the load distribution capabilities of a backpack, seamlessly integrated into what appears to be your traditional looking upland vest and you have Browning Bird'n Lite jacket and vests.

You may have the muscle to carry a lot of weight when hunting, but Bird n Lite technology lets you carry your gear and birds more efficiently so you can hunt more comfortably and hunt longer. If you've got a bad back or have had some lower back pain, the new technology of the Bird n Lite vest or jacket will help you keep hunting. The design that has gone into the this vest and jacket makes sense, it distributes the load between your shoulders and hips, instead of just your shoulders.


Remember, the Bird’n Lite load bearing system functions exactly like a backpack.

First, the wide nylon shoulder straps evenly place weight onto your shoulders, yet do not interfere with shouldering your shotgun and swinging through the bird. The shoulder straps are easily and quickly adjusted within the game bag pockets for the correct fit. They let you place your load's center of gravity where it's most comfortable to carry.

Secondly, the sternum strap (which buckles around your chest) keeps the shoulder straps centered for improved balance and less fatigue, while preventing shifting and chafing from the shoulder straps.

Third, the waist belt equally distributes and secures the load to your hips, reducing the load on your shoulders and back. The lower center of gravity allows you to carry the load lower to reduce fatigue. The padded lumber area supports your lower back for even greater comfort. The wide, quick-release buckle allows for quick and easy on and off. 

Check out Bird'n Lite today and be prepared to be impressed. It would be smart to get a jacket and vest so you will be prepared for changing weather conditions. Both have the upper chest and shoulder area and half sleeves in Blaze with the rest of the garments in Khaki, with or without a Pheasants Forever embroidered logo.

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Download a PDF of the Bird'n Lite Ad, or download the 2011 catalog pages for Bird'n Lite by clicking an image below.


Click below to enter the Bird'n Lite Interactive Experience.

The entire Browning Bird'n Lite upland system of jackets, vests and other technical gear is an independent product line development and is not associated with Pella Outdoor Clothing.

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