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Cynergy™: Fast Forward To Perfection

Release Date: 1/1/2004

Whether you are at the local range breaking clays or chasing pheasants across the fields of the midwest, shotgun sports are all about speed. Speed to the shoulder. Speed to the target. Speed of the trigger. The new Browning Cynergy™ over and under shotgun represents the pinnacle of systems integration to meet your need for speed. Just a glance at the Cynergy and it’s apparent that every feature is designed to make it faster. We accomplished this by starting with a clean page and no limitations from preconceived ideas about what an over and under should be, only what it could be. This led to industry firsts like the MonoLock Hinge that allows for the lowest profile receiver of any 12 gauge over and under shotgun; the unique, Reverse Striker mechanical trigger that all but eliminates locktime between shots; and the long-travel, interchangeable Inflex Recoil Pad that reduces felt recoil by 25%. These are just some of the features that make-up the sum of a very performance oriented whole. Even the looks of the Cynergy are fast. Sleek, flowing contours translate directly into a gun that comes to the shoulder fast, swings fluidly, and effortlessly becomes an extension of your body. With the Cynergy, perfection has never looked, felt or functioned this fast.

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