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Matt Hughes: American Hunter's Best Advice

Release Date: 8/30/2010

Matt and other celebrities relate the best hunting advice they ever received.

This recent story in NRA's American Hunter magazine explores how we all learn the "wisdom" of hunting. Some from our dads or moms. Some learn from friends. In this article American Hunter explores how "Every hunter follows in the footsteps of those before him. We carry on the knowledge of the men and women who have imparted wisdom and unwritten rules, sage advice that we'll never forget."

In this article, posted  Ben O'Brien , American Hunter magazine asked 13 professional hunters, celebrities and outdoor TV personalities to share the knowledge they've held onto through the years—advice they'll undoubtedly pass on to the next generation.

Matt's experience may be somewhat unique.

"I grew up hunting small stuff like rabbits and squirrels, never really hunting deer. Then, when I went off to college and started my career, I kind of got away from the hunting a little bit. Eventually when I came back home, I ended up getting married to the former sheriff’s daughter. Her dad, Jim Moore, became one of my best friends, and he got me back into hunting. We shoot a lot of sporting clays and do a lot of hunting together.

"Jim has always been really good at trap and skeet, so he taught me how to lead a bird and to really knock ‘em down . . ."  

Read the full story about the best advice Matt ever  received and all the great advice received by other celebrity hunters.

On Matt's own Website you can read more about Matt in a brief biography covering the history behind how he became the most accomplished UFC fighter in histo

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Photo of Matt Hughes courtesy of the NWTF.

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