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Congratulations Matt Hughes on your UFC 117 win over Ricardo Almeida

Release Date: 8/9/2010

"I'm going to take this fall off . . . I'm going to do some hunting"

Matt Hughes beat Ricardo Almeida by submission last weekend in another incredible fight.  In an interview after the fight Hughes revealed his intention to take some time off this fall and do exactly what we are all thinking we'd like to do: "go hunting." If you saw the fight you got to see the Browning Buckmark logos on each side of this trunks.

Matt Hughes is a great friend of Browning and is an official member of the Browning Pro Staff. He loves over and under shotguns and has a number of Browning Citoris and Cynergys. Right now he is helping promote Browning over and unders with the Browning Double Barrel Militia. Check it out right here on Browning.com.

Here is an excerpt from Matt's blog about the fight:

"One of the first things I always do in the octagon is find my crowd. So I did, I shot them a smile and a quick point to let them know that I see them. I always look at my opponent, I don’t shoot him a dirty look, but more of a serious expression. I also will always try and look at his sponsors and I realized that Ricardo didn’t have a lot. The whole time the boys are talking to me, giving me support.

"When they finally announce me, I always take a couple of steps forward, with my hand in the air, turn around and I give my section one last look and a point. Before the fight started, I thought the ref would bring us to the middle and give us quick rules, but that didn’t happen. He just started the fight. Well you all know what happens here, but I will say I didn’t know that hook hurt him until I saw him. I could hear my corners as well and they were telling me the hook was there.

" Punches are numbers and if you listen to the tape you will hear them say “three,” that’s the number for a hook. I did think I would be in the front headlock position with Ricardo, I thought he would try and take me down, that I would be able to stuff his shot and end up there. There were two submissions that I had thought I could use against Ricardo, this is one of them. When the match was over I was not surprised."

Read more of Matt's blog about the fight on www.Matt-Hughes.com

Matt is shown at the right in a photo taken the day he was recently inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame.

There are numerous articles about the fight and a I have included a few links below. 

From MMA Weekly -- August 9, 2010.

From USA Today -- August 8, 2010.

From the UFC site -- UFC 117 Musings (Look about half way down the story under "Born Again Contender.")

 This is the post fight interview with Matt -- posted as an embed from YouTube and as found on Matt's Website as an embed..


 r. stitt -- 8-9-2010

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