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Browning Expeditions This Week On ESPN2

Release Date: 6/29/2010

Big Brown Bears -- Our top episode is back.

Every Browning Expeditions episode is an adventure and graduate school for hunters, all wrapped up into one show. Count on Stephen LeBlanc to take you along on hunts that are not only exciting to watch, but also teach you what you need to know to have the same kind of adrenaline pumping experiences.  If you missed an episode earlier, check the schedule to catch them again from now through December. Most episodes are running multiple times from now on.

I really love this week's episode. I think you will too.


Here's the teaser for this week's show:

 Check out all the Browning Expeditions teasers on this special YouTube viewer, below. Just click on the tabs on either side of the screen or click the playlist button (lower left).


Browning Expeditions, with Host Stephen LeBlanc, is back for the 2010 season and is on air every Saturday after. This year has more great hunts, more great destinations, more big animals, more fun and more beautiful video than ever before. Host Stephen LeBlanc heads out alone a few times, but mostly with guest hosts and friends this season. Friends like Kristy Lee Cook of American Idol fame. Young rising star  Zac Cooper. Famed sporting clays shooter Rick Camuglia. Utah mule deer guide and expert, Bill Norton. And more.

Episode One featured a trophy pronghorn hunt with LeBlanc using a new X-Bolt rifle in New Mexico. Pronghorns are LeBlanc's favorite big game animal of all time -- and he has a room full of trophies to prove his love of the kind of hunting that puts your raw rifle skills to the test.  In this episode, LeBlanc is after something special to incorporate in a future sculpture. And he gets just what he is after.

Expeditions in on every Saturday at 8:30 AM Eastern Time (7:30, 6:30 or 5:30 AM, depending on your location and carrier). However, due to the variety of carriers, you should check your carrier/local listings to be sure.

Here is the breakout of the episode airing dates. Times listed in EASTERN TIME.

We just received this updated schedule from ESPN. 


TV schedule


Air Date
Time (EST)
Sat 12/4/2010
7:00 AM
Episode 207 --  Texas Whitetail
Sat 12/11/2010
7:00 AM
Episode 208 --  Alaska Brown Bear
Sat 12/11/2010
7:30 AM
Episode 201 --  New Mexico Pronghorn Antelope Adventures
Sat 12/18/2010
7:00 AM
Episode 201 --  New Mexico Pronghorn Antelope Adventures
Sun 12/19/2010
5:00 AM
Episode 207 --  Texas Whitetail
Sun 12/26/2010
5:00 AM
Episode 208 --  Alaska Brown Bear
Sun 12/26/2010
7:00 AM
Episode 202 --  Colorado Goose & Upland

208 -- Adventure certainly tells the story of this expedition as we travel to Alaska for the hunt of a lifetime for sculpture Stephen LeBlanc. Brown bear is the object of LeBlanc's passion this week. As you will see, this time  size does matter.

207 -- What father wouldn't enjoy time with his daughter? Stephen gets his chance with daughter Renee on her first Whitetail hunt in South Texas. Two artists coming together to capture a moment in time in sculpture and on canvas from their hunt together in the deep south.

206 -- Back in New Zealand for a wonderful display of LeBlanc's hunting skills. With such beauty and diversity, LeBlanc brings the best of the South Island polishing off a complete New Zealand experience.

205 -- Back to the beginning of the Pheasant's journey, Oregon. LeBlanc, along with friend and guide Bill Norton, take to a Grand Slam at a prestigious lodge in Highland Hills. Enjoy the LeBlanc vs. Norton competitive edge.

203 -- Nothing says "expedition" like a trip to New Zealand. That's where Stephen is along two great friends, hunting some of the worlds largest and sought after trophies... Red Stag and Fallow Deer.

202 -- Where can you find everything you're looking for in a bird hunt? That's where we find Stephen LeBlanc this week as he hunts Colorado geese and upland game, Colorado.

201 --  Over 40 years of Pronghorn hunting for Stephen LeBlanc with 9 record book trophies. Follow Stephen, once again, to New Mexico for another of his personal favorites... Pronghorn 

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