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How to choose a flashlight.

Release Date: 1/1/2010

Browning is a leading manufacturer of portable battery-powered lighting for campers, hunters and shooters. Browning offers over 50 different styles of flashlights. So, how does a customer choose the light that best meets their individual needs?

Smaller and lighter is better. New high-output LEDs from manufacturers like Luxeon® and Cree® are incredibly powerful and efficient, and don’t require the size and weight of the old C and D battery flashlights to achieve the same output. Browning’s Alpha and Alpha Max flashlights, with a single AA battery, are brighter than the flashlights of the past and are no bigger than a shotgun shell.

LEDs are now preferred over Xenon and other types of filament bulbs for most uses. LEDs use batteries more efficiently, illuminate at equal distance, emit a clean white versus a dull yellow beam and will not burn out under normal use. LEDs are also nearly unbreakable.

Headlamps and cap lights allow the use of both hands for other tasks like dressing a deer, fixing the truck or finding a path through the woods. With modern technology many headlamps are as powerful as the larger hand-held flashlights. Several Browning headlamps, such as MicroBlast, Phantom, and Summit, can be worn either as a headlamp or clipped to the brim of a hat.

Lithium batteries are used in many of Browning’s highest-performing flashlights, such as the Catalyst, Hunt Master and Nitro. Lithium batteries pack about twice the power of alkaline batteries for their weight, and operate at very cold temperatures. Convenient AA and AAA alkaline batteries are also used extensively because they cost less than lithium and are more readily available. The latest integrated circuit designs in Browning Hi Power, Zeta and Alpha Max flashlights boost the performance of alkaline batteries to approach the performance of lithium batteries.

Single-action switches (on/off) are preferred for self-defense and tactical applications. Multiple switch settings (high, low and in-between) preserve battery life and allow selecting between colors and flashing options. Lock-out switches on all Tactical Hunter flashlights keep the light from accidentally turning on.

Colored LEDs help preserve night vision, are great for map reading and are less obvious than white light to many types of game animals when walking to a tree stand in the dark.

To assist you in finding the right flashlight try our Flashlight Finder.

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