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Review of the Browning Lever-Action BLR by Denis Prisbrey, Guns And Weapons For Law Enforcement, January, 2009 issue

Release Date: 4/20/2009

Not just for cowboys

Review of an article on the Browning BLR by Denis Prisbrey
Guns and Weapons For Law Enforcement, November Issue, 2008.

“Rugged and reliable lever action is ready for the wide, open territories!”

In the January, 2009 publication of Guns and Weapons For Law Enforcement, Denis Prisbrey takes a unique look at a different application for Browning’s BLR lever gun. He suggests it is a viable firearm for law enforcement where four or five shots only are needed and where high capacity sustained firepower isn’t required.

He begins, “For the deputy patrolling 900 square miles of trees and sagebrush, to the game warden managing wildlife in the higher elevations, a reliable levergun is simple to use and trim to transport.”

The BLR has been around since 1971, then offered in only two calibers: the 243 Win. and the 308 Win.  Since then, it has been configured in many models and many calibers. Prisbrey in his article examines the new Takedown version offered in 14 calibers, with an optional forward Weaver-style one-piece alloy Scout rail mount. 

Prisbrey mounted a Burris 2.75 Scout Scope on his 308 BLR test sample and fired two popular LE loads at 100 yards: Hornady’s 168-grain A-MAX TAP and Federal’s 168-grain Gold Medal Sierra Match King BTHP. He recorded the results held under two inches for best three-shot strings. “

The BLR’s hammer spur folds inward, allowing safe carry. It hinges down to rest against the receiver below the firing pin when on half-cock, and that leaves the rifle ready for a near-instant first shot by thumbing the hammer back as you bring the rifle to the shoulder.

Regarding the Scout mount system, Prisbrey said, “The Scout configuration moves the scope forward away from the rifle’s natural balance point for uncluttered carry, and allows both eyes to stay open while scanning terrain and engaging a target at anything from point-blank range on out to 300 yards or so, depending on the target’s size.”

The Takedown BLR model comes apart by rotating the takedown lever 90 degrees and sliding the barrel extension out of the receiver.
Each piece is only 21 inches long, and since the scope remains on the forward half, zero is unaffected.

Prisbrey sums up his evaluation of the Browning BLR with, “Overall, the sample BLR was light to carry and quick to use. The checkered rubber pad and stock design prevented the 308 version from being a bruiser on cheek or shoulder, and the action works smoothly. Stock and fore-end checkering provide a good grip in slippery conditions, and the trigger isn’t match grad, but it gets the job done.”

Learn more about the fine Browning Lever BLR.

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