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Release Date: 3/1/2009

Pro Series Gun Safes

Innovative DPX and DPH Storage Systems — Master Series safes allow for the storage of more rifles and shotguns (long guns), and allow fast access to more long guns, than safes made by other safe companies. This extra storage capacity comes from a ground-breaking approach to safe interior design available only on Browning ProSteel safes.

DPX Storage System — The patented (US patent # 7,409,790) Duo-Plus Extra (DPX®) Storage System offers additional long gun storage by utilizing the space on the back of the safe door. A versatile rack system on the door holds the long guns, and a series of pockets, pouches and loops behind the rack allows for the storage of handguns and many other smaller items. By storing up to 10 guns in a straight line on the door back, the DPX System not only holds more guns, but also offers fast access for up to four times more guns than other safes.

DPH Storage System — The Duo-Plus Handgun (DPH™) Storage System uses pouches, pockets and loops on the door back to hold handguns and many types of other items. These items are very easy to access, and by storing them on the door back, space inside the safe is freed to store more long guns or other items.
Both of these systems are designed to allow you to store more in your safe and to have easier access to those items. They are flexible so that you can choose how to use the valuable storage space inside the safe.
All Master Series safes include a raised floor that makes removing long guns easier. Raising the floor to the level of the door frame eliminates the possibility of catching a long gun on the bottom edge of the door frame where the gun could be damaged. 

Capacity Comparison —
Master Series holds 30% more vs. other safes
  Master Series 26 Cu. Ft. Model Other Brand 25-28 Cu. Ft. Safe
Long Gun Capacity with Side Shelves in place  17 guns 11-14 guns
Fast Access Guns 9 guns 2 guns
Gun Locations Interior and door back Interior only
DPX System
DPH System

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