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Citori Locked and Loaded Promo.

Release Date: 2/26/2009

Buy a Browning Citori and we'll pay for $150 in shells.


When you take advantage of the Browning Locked and Loaded promo you not only end up with the most prestigious and finest of over and unders, but you also end up with the shells you need to get shooting now -- and the shells are on us!

"CITORI LOCKED AND LOADED" IS SIMPLY THE HOTTEST PROMOTION OF THE YEAR. This is how it works: When you purchase any new Browning Citori® Over and Under Shotgun at retail between February 26, 2009 and June 30, 2009, Browning will reimburse you up to $150 (excluding sales tax) for shotgun shells purchased at the same time from the same dealer (store). All you have to do is get  to your Browning dealer and check out all the new Citori shotguns. It's simple. It's fast. 

The Citori is the most famous over and under in history. Today's Citori is descended from the original Superposed shotgun John M. Browning designed in the 1920s, with the first patents filed in 1923 and 1924, and being granted in 1926. The Superposed was John M. Browning's last invention. Others had tried to develop the over and under idea, but none had perfected it as Browning did. One barrel "superimposed" above the other was not only a remarkable deviation from the general thinking of gun designers of his time, but it added a level of complexity that only a genius could surmount.

Every over and under on the market today has it's roots in John Browning's original Superposed ideas. The Superposed evolved slightly over time, but it was not until the design was taken to a new factory, away from Belgium, that the Citori version of the Superposed came to market. When placed next to each other, it is difficult to see the subtle improvements made over time by his son Val and other Browning engineers.

The original is still referred to as the B-25. And today this tradition is followed with the latest version being called the Browning Model 625. Of all the stories regarding John Browning's over and under legacy, the most poignant is that involving his last days --  here, quoted from the definitive book by Curt Gentry, titled John M. Browning, American Gunmaker.

"John and Rachel (his wife) spent Thanksgiving 1926 in Liege with their son Val and his family. The following morning John and Val left the apartment early for the thirty minute drive to the Fabrique Nationale plant. John seemed to be in good health, and he and Val chatted as usual during the drive.

"Arriving at the factory at nine, they climbed the stairs to Val's office, where the inventor took of his coat and hat. John then went out into the factory to see how work was progressing on the new shotgun. Within a few minutes he returned to his son's office, pale and complaining of dizziness and a pain in his chest. Val summoned the factory physician.

"Within a few minutes the doctor arrived. After listening to John's heart, he turned aside and explained to Val that he believed the situation serious . . . John then said to Val, "Son, I wouldn't be surprised if I am dying."

"A few minutes later he was dead. Cause of death was attributed to heart failure. The great gunmaker had laid down his tools."

Every Browning Citori over and under you will see on the Browning Website today has been touched by the genius of John M. Browning, the greatest gunmaker the world has ever known. We hope you enjoy studying today's Browning over and unders and that the "Lock and Load" promoiton helps you in your decision to purchase the shotgun you have always dreamed of owning. Read on for a few more details of the program or click the image of the Citori below to go the the Citori section of the Browning Website. Click the minature coupon at the bottom of this story to download a  full-sized Locked and Loaded rebate coupon.

Click on the Citori photo above to go directly to the page showing the full selection of Citori shotguns for 2009.

A few pointers to remember when you are ready to make your purchase.

  1. Get a Locked and Loaded coupon -- download a Locked and Loaded coupon from the Browning Website or get one from the display at your dealer's store.
  2. Work out your own best deal with your local dealer to purchase the Browning Citori you have always dreamed about.
  3. When you are ready to check out, fill your shopping cart with $150 in shotgun shells. Choose the shells you want to shoot. Get the best deal you can. Look for the best sale. Mix and match. It's all up to you. Do the math yourself to come out to $150 in shells, not including taxes.
  4. That same day, at the same time, at the same dealer, go to the checkout and purchase your new Citori and the ammunition you want.
  5. Make sure you get a receipt from your dealer for the purchase. Make sure the receipt(s) clearly show that 1) the Citori and shells are from the same dealer, 2) on the same day, 3) at the same time.
  6. Get a very clear copy of your BATF form #4473 from the dealer. (Special details for Canada are on the coupon.)
  7. Fill out the rebate coupon completely right there at the store -- make sure you include your serial number and your dealer's store name and signature.
  8. When you get home, enclose your receipt(s) as explained on the instructions and send the coupon and receipt(s) on to Browning at the address on the coupon.
  9. In six to eight weeks (approximately) you will receive your rebate check from Browning.


  • Only one rebate per gun purchased. But you can get the rebate for every new Citori you purchase We don't mind if the entire family wants to join in.
  • Your Citori shotgun and ammunition must be purchased the same day, at the same time, from the same dealer.
  • Only clear, readable receipts are acceptable. If photo copies are used they must be fully readable. 
  • Any attempt to redeem more than one rebate for the same Citori will void the offer. That is why you must include the serial number on both the 4473 and on the rebate coupon.
  • Offer ends June 30, 2009.





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