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Browning Gun Safes 2008

Release Date: 1/1/2008

An Overview

Your first encounter with a Browning/Pro-Steel® gun safe may be unexpected. You notice the beautiful, high-gloss enamel finish, the fine fit of hinges, welds and craftsmanship, attractive game scenes, scroll designs and the gold-plated spoke handle.

 But it’s what you can't see that really matters. Within the internal working mechanisms of Browning gun safes you'll find features most other gun safe manufacturers don’t provide. It’s these features and components that are vitally important to your peace of mind and the security of your firearms and other valuables. Behind the attractive looks of our gun safes are the most advanced and protective designs available. No corners have been cut, no safety or security feature has been overlooked, no fire protection option not addressed. You cannot find a better-built safe for your firearms and other valuables, anywhere.

Inside our gun safe doors you'll find the finest locks, the most reliable and protective cam locking systems and the best lock protection barriers and attack-resistant walls to fortify your firearms against unwelcome intrusion. Browning Pro/Steel gun safes also provide the best protection against fire. With multiple layers of high-density, fire-resistant insulation and a high-temperature fire seal surrounding the perimeter of the door, your valuables have excellent protection. Your collection of fine guns and other valuable heirlooms deserve the best protection you can give them.

Let us introduce you to the new features for 2008. First, there is a new gun safe warranty that is the best in the industry. Browning ProSteel safes manufactured after January 1, 2006, will be covered for • Attempted Break-In • Break In • Fire. If a safe has one of these situations and the owner’s homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover the damage to the safe, ProSteel will repair or replace the safe. Contents are not covered. Shipping costs for a new safe, if necessary, are included.

Also new for 2008 are very efficient storage solutions, because you need to store more items than just firearms. A ProSteel safe is the place to do it. See more details on the new DPX and DPH Mossy Oak® New Break-Up® interiors.

New Storage Solutions, Lighting and Colors for 2008

The DPX (Duo-Plus Extra) storage system efficiently organizes small items such as choke tubes, magazines, handguns and long guns right on the inside of the door. A convertible Duo Interior system with both shelves and long gun capacity is included. It improves accessibility to items with loop systems, pouches and adapts to what you need to keep safe. Platinum Plus, Gold, Medallion, Conservation, NRA and FN Series safes carry the DPX system as the standard interior.

The DPH (Duo-Plus Handgun) storage system includes four handgun loops, a system of pouches and pockets and a convertible Duo Interior system with both shelves and long gun capacity. Sterling, Copper and Bronze Series safes now include the DPH Storage System as the standard interior.See detail on this site for the safes that carry these new interiors as standard systems.

Platinum Plus and Gold Series safes now offer an interior light and mirror package. It includes two light modules and a break-resistant acrylic mirror that covers the top half of the rear wall of the safe. This is a factory installation, and helps greatly to locate items in the safe and gives the safe a more spacious feel.

Browning Pro-Steel safes are good looking in any color. Feast your eyes on the new colors: Black Cherry, Hunter Green metallic, Gloss Black, Gloss Burgundy, Gloss Sand metallic, Textured Charcoal and Textured Green finish, now available in nearly every model.

Conservation Series safes are specialty models. Ducks Unlimited®, National Wild Turkey Federation®, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation® and Ruffed Grouse Society® safes are featured. This series supports organizations that work to preserve our hunting heritage. A portion of the proceeds of every Conservation safe sold goes to the respective organization. Check out the NRA Edition safe.

The FN Series, the Conservation Series and the NRA Edition safes have a 10 gauge steel body, baked on high gloss finish, a 1 5/16” thick Duo-Formed® door and a gold-plated three-spoke handle.

For a tremendous value in a safe don’t overlook the features found in the TheftGard® safes. The Judge, Grand Marshal, Marshal and Sheriff provide 1200ºF/30 minute factory rated fire protection and a reinforced U-channel steel door frame that protects against prying and pounding. All models feature a heavy 12-gauge steel body with a 3/16” steel plate door, 1” steel locking bolts, a reinforced door frame, 180º heavy duty hinges and are UL® tool attack listed. The floors in TheftGard model safes are raised to facilitate removal of guns, and include a Group II lock with a five-year limited warranty. Get a terrific value for an entry-level product with the TheftGard gun safes.

Browning/Pro-Steel® gun safes are simply the best you can buy. Study and compare competitors’ models, feature-to-feature. Browning/Pro-Steel® gun safes are as beautiful on the outside as they are tough on the inside. While you won't see every feature that is protecting your collection of guns and valuables, you can rest assured knowing they are there for very strong reasons.

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