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Browning Lights 2009 -- An Overview

Release Date: 2/11/2009

Shine A Light...

Nothing becomes more valuable than a strong, dependable light when the sun goes down and you're about half way through dressing and skinning an elk. The same is true if the power goes out in your home or if you’re stranded along a dark road — a dependable flashlight is the first thing you reach for. When you can’t see, your work has stopped and darkness has the advantage.  When you reach for inexpensive, cheaper lights you simply don't have the confidence that they will get you through the task. There are many good reasons to choose "The Best There Is" in flashlights.  

Carry a Browning Light. Put one or two where you can get at them during emergencies, in your hunting pack, truck and camper and first aid and survival kits. Give one to each of your kids and make sure they know where they are. Clip on a Browning Cap Light, or put on a handy headlamp to keep your hands free. Nothing provides more confidence during dark times than a strong, reliable flashlight. 

For 2009, Browning introduces a new model of the popular Night Seeker Pro Cap Light. We think cap lights are among the best ideas ever, and Browning’s Night Seeker Pro expands cap light versatility. With the Pro having a bright 0.5 watt LED offering five times more light than the average cap light plus two standard red LEDs, you can see your way, hand-free through the darkness. The Pro uses a single AAA for two hours of bright light. Use it on your cap, free standing or as a pocket clip.

A very handy light is the new Microblast Pen Light with Bore Adapter. It’s a super bright Nichia® 5mm LED that shines at 15 lumens, 3X brighter than most other pen lights. It has 45 hours of battery life and a bore light adapter for firearm inspection and cleaning. The rugged all-aluminum housing has a heavy-duty pocket clip to keep the light at-the-ready and in your pocket so you know where it is.

The Nitro 135L LED Headlamp has colored Luxeon Rebel LED features 2.5 hours of run time and four colored LEDs back up the main bulb. Once you use a headlamp, you’ll be reaching for it for every job or hunt where bright light is essential. The head strap is adjustable and comfortable.

Martin Buser, four-time winner of the grueling Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race used a Browning Nitro headlamp to steer his team through the dark, frigid Alaskan nights. He mentioned, “The long-reaching focused beam of the Nitro stretches past 80 feet of sled team and makes finding trail markers easier. The lithium batteries are great because they last longer and are less affected by the cold than alkaline batteries.”

The Tactical Hunter Lights are ultra powerful lithium lights with a tactical end-cap switch. This is a special lockout feature that keeps them from turning on when packed tightly with other gear. The rugged, lightweight aluminum housings are double-O-ring sealed, and the specialized K-2 lens and reflector design projects a unique diamond-shape bean that covers 25% more area than conventional round beams. New for 2009 are the Alpha Hunter in black, and the Alpha Max in Mossy Oak® New Break-Up®. Their digital circuitry delivers maximum power using only one AA battery.

Also new in the Tactical Hunter line is the Hunt Master. It’s the brightest light in the Browning line, with an incredible 400 lumens and a 200-yard max distance. The lens is focusable for flawless spot beam and it’s small, only 6.6” in length; smaller than a 2 D flashlight. The CR1123A batteries operate to a -40F. The high-powered LEDs are rated for 100,000 hours of use. Fill your pack or pocket full of power with the new Hunt Master.

The New Pro Hunter Overdrive model features a built-in power-booster that doubles the brightness at the touch of a button. It uses digital circuitry to kick the light beam into high gear (100 lumens) for a maximum of 10 seconds, without damaging the LED. It has a Cree XR-C LED bulb, providing 30 hours of light with three AAA batteries.

MicroBlast High Output LED Flashlights are finger-size lights that are rugged, very powerful and take up no more room than a tube of lip balm. The features that make them so rugged are tough, aluminum housings, O-ring seals and a twist power switch, locking out the light to prevent it from accidentally being turned on. All five models have a pocket clip and neck lanyard. The new AAA Headlamp with hat clip is so handy you’ll wonder how you did without it. Snap it on your cap bill before going into the basement to check the circuit box.

The Long Distance™ series of Browning Lights include far-reaching Xenon bulbs and CR123A lithium batteries and are adjustable from a focused spot to a broad, flood beam. This allows for flawless distance and up-close lighting. This series features the Black Ice® lights, the ones hunters want when locating a deer stand, looking for the trail or seeing what’s moving in the dark. Look for the Black Ice® logo on the Renegade, Phantom, Dakota, Zero Gravity and Summit headlamps, and don’t forget the Black Ice® key chain lights and the lantern. The lantern is lightweight and compact, perfect for taking backpacking, camping and hanging in a tent. The 0.5 watt LED provided bright, long lasting illumination and four AAA alkaline batteries keep the light shining bright for up to 14 hours.

Flashlights have changed dramatically over the years. Don’t be left in the dark ages with an outdated, cheap flashlight. Take a few minutes here to look over the Browning flashlight line, including the cap lights, headlamps and tactical models. Get a firm grip on what’s happening in the dark by switching on a rugged, dependable Browning light.

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