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Transitions Series -- Award Winning Technical Hunting Clothing

Release Date: 9/5/2008

Made for extremes.

Mark Francis answers five questions on the Transitions Series.
Mark Francis

We asked Mark Francis, Browning's Manager for Technical Apparel five questions about his current line of clothing. Here's what he said:

Q. What is the hottest product in your line right now?
A. Actually it is a toss-up between the new Transitions Series and the Hell's Canyon apparel.

Q. The newest is the Transitions Series - so what is so unique about the Transitions system?
A. Well, there are three main objectives of the Transitions Series. First, do more with less. By this I mean cover more conditions and temperature extremes with fewer, lighter items. Second, they must be backpack friendly. That is, if you are hunting with a pack the pockets need to be in the right places to still be accessible - this is something nearly every other apparel maker ignores. Third, we have reinvented the traditional layering concept with modern fabrics and technologies.

Q. Hunters are always looking for the "perfect" hunting jacket . . . does the Transitions Series have one?
A. The direct answer is no -- there is no one single "perfect" garment anywhere. The innovation of the Transition Series is all about combinations of two or three garment layers that when worn together create the perfect clothing for all conditions.

Q. Like What? Give an example.
A. You can hunt almost anywhere in the world with a Browning Gore-Tex® Quest Jacket and Pant. It's a quiet soft-shell that's waterproof and breathable. This will keep you dry and take you comfortably down to 40°F. When it gets colder, add a mid layer consisting of a Browning 700 Fill Power down or 4X fleece garment. I would go to Alaska with these two garments and not have to worry about anything. The entire system lets you adapt to the exact conditions you will be under.
Another choice would be to start with the highly breathable, weather-resistant Pursuit Jacket and Pant. This would keep you dry and warm in all but the most extreme conditions. Were it to become extremely cold and wet it would be simple to add a waterproof Gore-Tex outer shell and an insulating layer.

Q. What about a base layer? Is it important?
A. It is a given that you should be wearing a wicking, bacteria killing base layer such as one of the Browning Next To Skin products in the NTS Base system. Build your Browning layers on top of a high performance base layer and you will be comfortable and confident wherever you hunt and whatever the weather.


 Above are three pages from the 2008 catalog detailing the award winning Browning Transitions line of hunting clothing.


This following is an overview of the three basic layers of the Browning Transitions Clothing.

Base Layer

The Base layer is critical to controlling your core body temperature. It should fit snugly and be right next to your skin to properly insulate and wick moisture away from the body to keep you dry. Staying dry is of utmost importance not only for comfort, but also in the cold where being wet under your clothes can cause radical temperature fluctuations and lead to hypothermia. This is most noticeable during physical activity where it is easy to overheat and perspire, often leading to a drop in body temperature once the activity stops. Browning’s NTS Base layers are available in two styles to match the conditions at hand: Compression Fit for warmer weather and Arctic for cold conditions.

When hunting in warm weather, you will appreciate the benefits of NTS Compression Fit. Garments are designed to fit snugly to offer support for muscles and help fend off fatigue over the long haul. Moisture from perspiration is transported to the outer part of the fabric where it evaporates quickly.

NTS Arctic garments are made to handle the rigors of cold weather. Soft and comfortable, NTS Arctic is ideal for the treestand hunter as its additional weight adds warmth.

Both NTS Base layers are part of our odor-control plan, featuring OdorSmart™ with VisaEndurance® antimicrobial odor control technology to stamp out body odor by killing odor-causing bacteria.

A snug-fitting Base layer is paramount to keeping your body warm. NTS fabrics pull perspiration from the skin to keep you dry. The moisture is then wicked to the outer layer of the fabric where it evaporates. You stay drier and more comfortable during exertion in both warm and cold weather, and won’t get the chills in the cold when the motion stops and body temperature drops.

 Insulation Layer

The Insulation layer allows you to adjust to different outside temperatures and activity levels to maintain a comfortable core body temperature. These highly versatile garments can be worn as a middle, insulating layer between the Base and Protection layers, or as your outer layer in drier weather. We have selected only the finest, highly technical insulations and fabrications to use in this critical part of the Transitions Series.

Protection Layer 

The Protection layer is your first line of defense against rain, snow, sleet, wind or any combination of elements that conspire to make you miserable. In this category, gear is either completely waterproof or highly water-resistant, yet breathability is not ignored to help prevent you from getting wet on the inside. The purpose of the Protection layer is simply to keep you dry and comfortable. This is precisely why we select proven premier Gore-Tex® fabrics for many of the garments in the Protection layer. Other fabrications such as Windstopper® Technical Fleece round out the line and fill specific needs, like windproofness, without compromising breathability.

Gore-Tex fabric is synonymous with 100% windproof and waterproof performance while remaining highly breathable. The Gore-Tex brand can stand behind this claim, having proven its technology and durability in the harshest environments on the planet. That is why Gore-Tex stands behind their “Guaranteed to Keep You Dry” warranty. Because conditions aren’t all the same, neither are the Gore-Tex technologies featured in the Protection layer, each chosen for a particular end use or application.

In addition to Gore-Tex and Windstopper fabrics, an ultra-durable two-layer bonded soft shell is available as part of the Protection layer. This fabrication offers enhanced breathability while providing a high degree of water and wind protection. Most importantly it is designed to stretch and allow never before seen comfort and mobility.

For more on Browning Transitions Clothing go to the pages on specific items within each part of the system by clicking here


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