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Browning’s The Best There Is -- 2007 season.

Release Date: 6/25/2007

Browning’s The Best There Is will air at 6:30 p.m. Eastern each Tuesday night on The Outdoor Channel during the third and fourth quarters of 2007, with two scheduled bonus airings per week.

Episode 1 July 3 Into the Great Wide Open

A pair of pronghorn hunts in the wide open spaces of Wyoming kick off this season. Under the piercing blue skies of the Western plains, the pursuit of a true American original is always an adventure. We’ll follow a pair of hunters who journey to the land of the sage to hear the song of the wind and witness a hunt unlike any other.

Hunters: Rafe Nielsen, Ryan Godderidge
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Episode 2 July 10 Ghosts in the Timber

For whitetail hunters, there may be no destination that drives more dreams than southern Iowa. We’ll visit with a legendary outfitter along the banks of the Mississippi River and follow two hunters as they work to turn their dreams into reality.

Hunters: Tony Peek, Timberghost Guide Travis Stephens
Product Segment: Gold Medallion Slug Gun, 12 gauge

Episode 3 July 17 The Air Up There

Shotgun shooting is the point in the outdoor obsession where art and science intersect, and this week we’ll follow a team that has made living at that crossroads into a dazzling display. We’ll take their skills from the proving grounds of the U.S. Open Sporting Clays Championship to the goose blinds of Saskatchewan and see how those hours of practice pay off.

Shooters/Hunters: Deeann Massey, Cory Kruse, Robbie Purser, Rick Camuglia, Johnny Meitzen, Scott Grange
Product Segment: Silver Shotgun

Episode 4 July 24 Osceola Wind

The rites of spring take center stage early in the year when we head to south Florida to the land of the Osceola turkey. Follow our hunter as she turns frustration into satisfaction in the palmetto swamps of the Sunshine State.

Hunter: Tina Sanzone
Product Segment: Gold NWTF Shotgun

Episode 5 July 31 Man Oh Man

The broken hills and steep angles of northeastern New Mexico are home to a thriving herd of elk that calls to hunters nationwide each fall. We’ll follow one well-traveled Western hunter’s journey and see how even experienced eyes grow large at the sight of these majestic keepers of the high range.

Hunter: Travis Hall
Product Segment: A-Bolt breadth of line

Episode 6 August 7 All That Glitters

Along Colorado’s high plateau, the pronghorn and the mule deer stake a claim to a land too wild to tame. We’ll follow a pair of hunters whose journey there takes them on an adventure they’ll never forget.

Hunters: Brady Smith, Chip Hewlett
Product Segment: Cold Weather Clothing

Episode 7 August 14 Diamond Rios

A turkey hunt in the brush country of Texas gives new meaning to all things held dear to the rites of spring, as one hunter finds out on this week’s adventure. With all the world a-shout and the only question left being which one and when, this episode is sure to delight.

Hunter: Jan Rintamaki -- Browning Polaris Ranger
Product Segment – Gold NWTF Shotgun

Episode 8 August 21 Deep Waters

The whitetail herd that makes the Canadian River Valley its home occupies a special place in the American landscape, and a special part of the hunter’s heart. On any trip into these scenic lands, the improbable can always happen, and often does.

Hunter: Sue Igo
Product Segment: Cold Weather Clothing

Episode 9 August 28 Texas Rangers

The ducks that cross the prairie potholes to land at the watersheds hunted by Ranger Creek Ranch bring with them a magic of the wind that sings to all who would hear it. Fast wingshooting action and lots of camaraderie in the duck blind make this episode one to remember.

Hunters: Dave Frimml, Rick Taylor
Product Segment: Silver Shotgun

Episode 10 September 4 For the Love of Turkeys

The big gobblers of our nation’s breadbasket send a jolt of adrenaline through any turkey hunter fortunate enough to hear their roar, and this week’s adventure is no exception. We’ll follow Jackie Love on an adventure sure to get any hunter’s heart pounding.

Hunter: Jackie Love
Product Segment: Gold NWTF Shotgun

Episode 11 September 11 Ranger Creek Roundup

When it comes to hunting, Texas is like a whole other country, and we’ll follow one hunter whose visit proves that point beyond a doubt. Whitetails and wild hogs make for an exciting combination here deep in the heart of the Lone Star State.

Hunter: Scott Engen
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Episode 12 September 18 Floridays

Deep in the swamplands of south Florida, the Osceola turkeys deliver excitement and frustration in equal measure, and we’ll follow a trio of hunters who see why one of the most sought-after hunts on the continent is everything it’s cracked up to be.

Hunters: Danny Walpole, Bobbie Biskupiak, Brandon Storey
Product Segment: Gold NWTF Shotgun

Episode 13 September 25 Masters of the Mountain

The bugles of the big bull elk that call the Rocky Mountains their home light a fire deep in the heart of hunters from coast to coast, achieving the number one spot atop the life goal list of many a hunter. We’ll follow one Westerner whose fire adventure amid the thin air and steep angles never grows cold.

Hunter: Mark Francis
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Episode 14 October 2 Into the Great Wide Open
Episode 15 October 9 Ghosts in the Timber
Episode 16 October 16 The Air Up There
Episode 17 October 23 Osceola Wind
Episode 18 October 30 Man Oh Man
Episode 19 November 6 All That Glitters
Episode 20 November 13 Diamond Rios
Episode 21 November 20 Deep Waters
Episode 22 November 27 Texas Rangers
Episode 23 December 4 For the Love of Turkeys
Episode 24 December 11 Ranger Creek Roundup
Episode 25 December 18 Floridays
Episode 26 December 25 Masters of the Mountain

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