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GUN SAFES: 5-Year Lock Warranty

Release Date: 1/1/2004

All UL listed Group II locks installed on 1999 model year or newer Browning/Pro-Steel safes include a five-year limited warranty. The lock warranty begins at date of purchase and warrants the lock against defects in workmanship and materials to the original owner.

We believe each Browning/Pro-Steel safe is the most cost-effective deterrent to theft available. However, DO NOT ASSUME ANY SAFE IS IMPENETRABLE — IT IS NOT! A KNOWLEDGEABLE THIEF CAN GET INTO VIRTUALLY ANY SAFE WITH THE APPROPRIATE TOOLS AND ENOUGH TIME. A safe is a deterrent and a delaying device. A safe can be even more effective by placing it in the right location and anchoring it to the floor and wall.

The features on this website are not available on all models. See specifications for each safe series for a listing of features.

Safe weights and specifications are for comparative purposes with other Browning/Pro-Steel safe models. Weight and specifications are subject to change.

California Approved — All UL tool attack listed Browning/Pro-Steel safes meet the California Department of Justice standards for gun safes.

The depth shown for Browning safes is the steel box. The handle adds approximately 2 1/4" to the overall depth of the safe.

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