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Browning Junior®: Built for the Youngsters

Release Date: 2/1/2005


Introducing kids to the hunting world requires a lot of patience, quality outings and clothing that fits. That’s why Browning proudly builds the Junior® line, clothes that fit the future of the sport. Gone are the days of wearing oversized jackets, coats and pants that inhibit movement and don’t provide adequate insulation from the cold. The Browning Junior line grants the same comfort and protection as the standard series, but is cut to fit the juniors in the field. Positive hunting experiences start with success, comfort and a feeling of belonging. The Junior line provides all three with a design that allows for easy swinging and better shooting as well as warmth, protection and a knowledge that clothes specifically designed for them means they’re welcome on the hunt. Give the next generation of hunters the comfort, fit and success they need to carry on the great traditions of the outdoors.

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