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New Black Label Tactical Knife Series.

Release Date: 9/15/2011

Designed by famed knifemaker Russ Kommer
and recommended by accomplished edged-weapon instructor Jared Wihongi.

Browning Black Label Tactical Blades are at a store near you. This special project brings together our own renowned custom knife maker Russ Kommer together with famed edged-weapon instructor Jared Wihongi to create the most advanced, highly functional, best-designed and highest quality tactical knives ever from Browning. Blades that are of such precision and quality that moves them to the top of the tactical knife world.  

In a write-up released in Knives Illustrated  the long history of the involvement by Browning in Military and tactical products is discussed. After all, Browning company founder John M. Browning was the designer of the Model 1911 pistol, the BAR of WW II fame, the M2 Browning 50 caliber "Ma Duce" and many, many firearms that have protected freedom around the world for over a Century. New Black Label Tactical knives are an extension of our commitment to quality and real-world functionality. So when you pick up a Browning Black Label you will know it contains the finest design, materials and construction available. You can read the entire article by picking up a copy of Knives Illustrated or subscribing to the magazine.

The Difference.

The only way to truly understand what makes a Browning Black Label Tactical Blade different is to actually handle one. Remove it from the packaging. Feel its heft and how the grip fills your hand with every finger aligning naturally for precise control. Note the purity of balance, the way the blade literally dances in your hand to become an extension of your will. Turn it over and note the close attention to detail. Every curve, cut, angle and edge is there for a specific reason, not just for show. These blade shapes are based on timeless classics and each has proven itself through centuries of combat. Shave a few hairs off the back of your arm, and make confetti out of a piece of paper. Now put that same edge to something tougher like a piece of old shoe leather or a chunk of garden hose - everything yields instantly to a Black Label Tactical Blade.

Explore the features like a 4-Way adjustable pocket clip on the folders that lets the user choose the ideal carry method for their needs, or the Blade-Tech™ polymer belt sheaths that easily adjust for carry angle. The G-10 scales have just enough texture to ensure a solid grip without being abrasive in your hand or against your clothing. The paracord grip wrap is smooth, even and stays tight for years of dependable use. Many models have a hardened steel glass breaking point on the butt for emergency entry and extractions from vehicles. And the tomahawk? Now that’s a blade that will get you into or out of just about anything.


To Learn More . . .  

Download the Browning Black Label Tactical Knives Brochure right now to get the details about these great new products. The Black Label line covers practically every blade requirement possible and all at price points that meet the needs of every person who values bladed weapons. We think you'll be pleased. (Suggested retail prices are listed  in U.S. dollars.)

The Team.

Russ Kommer. If you are familiar with Browning hunting knives then you know about Russ Kommer. Russ is one of the world's leading custom hunting knife designers, designing virtually the entire line of Browning knives and assuring that each knife is made to the quality and function specifications of Browning. He does this personally with every Browning custom knife, which he makes in his North Dakota shop. And he assures it by overseeing quality and production at Browning's partner factories around the world.

Taking this expertise to the world of tactical knives was a natural extension for Russ. When it comes to hunting knives, Russ is the real deal, and now he has immersed himself in the world of "tactical" working with edged-weapon instructor Jared Wihongi to create a full spectrum of top quality, effective designs. Russ brings a new dimension to "tactical" with contours, shaping and fits that are extreme in functionality. Read a biography of Russ and watch him in action as he builds a custom knife for Browning TV host, Stephen LeBlanc.

 Jared Wihongi. Jared is exactly the kind of person you would want consulting on the design of any edged weapon. To be honest, if you were in a dangerous place -- anywhere in the world -- he is the guy you would want by your side.

Jared can take care of himself. He has 25 years of dead-serious international martial arts experience. Or, as they wrote in the Knives Illustrated article, he has experience "under his multiple black belts -- particularly with the Filipino blade-fighting system of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali." 

He originally comes from New Zealand -- the nation of the legendary Maori warriors. Currently he serves as a reserve SWAT officer in a city not far from the Browning headquarters in Utah. He has practically done it all when it comes to self defense and self defense training. So it is no surprise that he is the director of training for survival edge tactical systems at the new Special Weapons Test Center and complex near the west desert training, bombing and test centers in Utah.

He is a highly sought after instructor working with U.S. Army Special Forces groups, The DEA, Philippine National Police Academy, Special Action Force commandos, Marine Force recon battalions and Germany's GSG-9 (with its Spezial Einsatz Kommandos and Air Marshals unit) among many others.

He was even featured recently on SPIKE TV's popular series, Deadliest Warrior, demonstrating weapons and tactics of fighters from his homeland: Maori warriors.

Jared works closely with Russ Kommer on the development of every Browning Black Label Tactical knife -- and personally makes sure they are up to the demands of Browning and meet the real world needs of users like him. Tactical Knives can be a life and death matter, and Jared puts appropriate concern and oversight into the design and function of every Browning Black Label.

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