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Browning Maxus Awarded Prestigious 2010 NRA American Hunter Golden Bullseye Award

Release Date: 1/7/2010

At the 2010 NRA Convention.

Along with the announcement of the Golden Bullseye award for the Browning Maxus is a detailed review of the Maxus by Kyle Wintersteen, Senior Associate Editor of American Hunter magazine.

A few highlights from the story.

  • "The company makes a lot of claims about what it calls the "Power Drive Gas System," but I think its increased stroke length is the most notable change; the Maxus' guide rod travels 20 percent farther than the Gold's. According to a Browning engineer, that's improved the Maxus' ability to cycle light loads and allowed Browning to produce something nobody has before-a 3½-inch 12-gauge rated for 1-ounce target loads. My tests using a multitude of shells confirm the rating."
  • "I found that this forearm latch not only affords fast disassembly for cleaning, but gives the gun a streamlined look that I like. The design additionally provides a lighter, more slender fore-end.
  • "Fore-end removal grants access to the turn-key magazine plug, a neat little invention. Insert any vehicle key into the end of the plug, then turn and remove it.
  • "The Maxus also has what Browning's been referring to as "speed load" for the last few decades. With the bolt locked back, simply insert a shell into the magazine and the bolt automatically slides home to chamber it. Subsequent inserted shells are held within the magazine. New for the Maxus is "speed unload"-lift the shell carrier and press a tab next to the magazine, and the shells are literally spit from the magazine tube.
  • "If you like a lightweight, semi-auto upland gun, then the Maxus should interest you. It carries easily for prolonged jaunts and performed reliably, two things I look for most in a small-game gun. "

Read the entire story on the NRA Website right now. 
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Get all the details on the Maxus on the Browning Website.

The Maxus received the Golden Bullseye Award this weekend at the NRA Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. The copy below is from the updated American Hunter Website:

Shotgun of the Year
Browning Maxus

The Browning Maxus is the first 12-gauge 31/2-inch shotgun that reliably cycles the lightest 1-ounce target loads without adjustment. Its durability and reliability, as well as features and upgrades from the Browning Gold, make it perfect for serious waterfowlers. Its Power Drive Gas System improves cycling, while its Speed Load and Speed Unload features make this semi-auto user-friendly and fast-acting in a blind. The Maxus comes with a 26- or 28-inch barrel in blued or Mossy Oak Duck Blind camo finishes.

Read the entire story on the American Hunter Website.

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