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Review of Lisa Parsons-Wraith article on the Maxus.

Release Date: 3/24/2009

Shooting Industry, February 20, 2009 -- Browning Maxus Tames The Recoil Beast

Article Review of “Browning Maxus”
by Lisa Parsons-Wraith
Shooting Industry Magazine, February 20, 2009 issue.

It's always a pleasure and a bonus to hear from outdoor women who are hunters and shooters. A fine, short overview of the Browning Maxus was made by Lisa Parsons-Wraith in the February, 2009 issue of Shooting Industry. She writes a column there every month titled, "Arms and the woman."

"The Maxus weighs only 6 pounds, 7 ounces, and this is just one of the things that will make the shotgun attractive to women."

Parsons-Wraith opened her article by saying, "The day is fast approaching when women will no longer have to weigh the cost of a gun that's comfortable to carry all day against the recoil they will experience when shooting. A shotgun recently introduced by Browning is the perfect solution to this age-old problem."

She continues, "Another feature is the Inflex Technology recoil pad, which has been engineered with directional deflection to pull the comb down and away from the face of the shooter for even greater comfort and faster follow-up shooting."

Parsons-Wraith talked about the Power Drive Gas System and the Lightning Trigger System and said the Maxus's innovations... "are rounded out with a patent-pending feeding system that sends the first shell loaded into the magazine directly into the chamber, and a speed unload feature that makes emptying the magazine fast and easy, without having to cycle and chamber every shell with the bolt handle. "

The new autoloading Maxus is going to be ideal for women. Scott Grange, PR man with Browning, is quoted by Parsons-Wraith in her article. He told her, "It will be a very manageable gun for lady shooters. Women will appreciate its light weight and noticeably less felt recoil."

Parsons-Wraith was very complimentary about the new Maxus. She stated what perhaps are the two most important factors for lady shooters: "Lightweight, but comfortable to shoot is the holy grail of firearm design, and new technologies are making this seemingly impossible goal a reality." 

The new Browning Maxus should be the ideal shotgun in meeting these needs.

(Read more about Parsons-Wraith's report in the February 20, 2009 issue of Shooting Industry Magazine. For information go to http://www.shootingindustry.com/).





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