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Review of Layne Simpson Article on Maxus.

Release Date: 3/20/2009

Shooting Times Magazine, February 2009 Issue,

Shooting Times Magazine
Article review on the Browning Maxus
By Layne Simpson
Februrary, 2009 Issue

“The fastest, most comfortable-shooting 7-pound shotgun you’ve ever fired.”

Layne Simpson, senior field editor of Shooting Times magazine purports the new Browning Maxus to be “the fastest, most comfortable-shooting 7-pound shotgun you’ve ever fired.” Simpson is an acclaimed outdoor writer and has been with the shooting industry for many years and knows shotguns. 

He goes on to make some exciting points about the new gun.

In his article in the February issue of Shooting Times he states that the new Maxus is a little different than the norm in a gas-operated shotgun. Instead of the familiar magazine cap at the end of the forearm, which holds the forearm on and allows access to the 3-shot adapter, you find a Speed Lock. You simply push on the release button while lifting the lever to free the forearm. The lock also accepts and Uncle Mike’s quick-detach sling swivel.

Like the old Browning Auto-5, the new Maxus features the time-tested magazine cut-off switch, allowing the hunter to quickly switch loads in the chamber. Simpson also noticed the cut-off being a safety factor since the chamber can be unloaded during a fence crossing without having to empty the magazine.

Simpson liked the new Speed Load Plus system where you lock the bolt back, push in a shell and immediately the shell is whisked into the chamber as the bolt moves forward with this one move. All you do to unload is reach inside the loading port with your finger and push against the feed latch. A shell will pop into your hand. Simply continue on until the magazine is empty, then draw the bolt back to eject the shell in the chamber and the gun is empty. Slick!

Simpson explores each new feature of the new Maxus in detail, explaining the benefits of each. His experience with all types of shotgun actions has given him a wide knowledge of gas systems, recoil, dependability and handling. He even takes the Maxus apart and notices how easily and quickly it can be done, commenting on how difficult it has been with many other autoloaders in aligning the bolt link with the action-spring tube in the buttstock. This is easily done in the Maxus by installing a spring in the link that holds it in proper alignment as the bolt is installed in the receiver. Although it is a small detail, Simpson appreciates it and takes note. It makes assembly quick and easy.

 Layne Simpson ends with “A twenty-gauge version may take awhile, but it should be well worth the wait.”

( Read the entire story in the February issue of Shooting Times Magazine. For subscription information go to: http://www.shootingtimes.com/.)

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