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Review of Payton Miller Article on Maxus.

Release Date: 3/11/2009

Guns & Ammo, Proofhouse Section, December, 2008.

Article Review of “Browning Maxus”
by Payton Miller, Guns & Ammo, Proofhouse Section.
December, 2008 issue.

 "I’d hate to go through life limited to just one shotgun, but if I had to, there’s a pretty strong case for the Maxus.”

Payton Miller quickly points out that the new Browning Maxus does not have the familiar magazine cap. Since a magazine cap is quite recognizable as a functional piece in taking down the forearm and barrel on most autoloaders and many pump models, its absence on the Maxus is apparent. Instead, the Maxus has an innovative “Speed Lock Forearm.” You just flip up the latch and the forearm pops off.

Payton hunted pheasants in South Dakota for three days with the new gun and also shot five-stand marathon sessions, using 12-gauge Winchester 2.75-inch AA Heavy Target loads and No. 4 and 6 Super Pheasant loads on the birds. He reported no misfires, no feeding or ejection problems, even though the gun is capable of handling the 3.5-inch shells as well. This is because of the new Power Drive gas system with enlarged ports.

There were other new features that Payton was impressed with, such as the lengthened forcing cone, a crisp, short-travel trigger system and the Dura-Touch® Armor Coating on the stock, receiver and forearm which gives them a feel of “tackiness” a good thing when the weather is wet. When there was a lot of shooting, say when the birds all flushed at once at the end of a drive, Payton really raved about the Speed Loading system. This has been a feature on a few Browning shotguns in the past. After the bolt locks open after the last shell is fired, you can thumb a round into the magazine, release it quickly and the carrier will take it instantly to the chamber. It’s a very slick, very fast feature on the Maxus. One that many shooters have come to appreciate.

Payton Miller summed up his evaluation of the new gun with, “It was quick-handling enough to allow me to score on several ‘high-house station 8’ situations. I’d hate to go through life limited to just one shotgun, but if I had to, there’s a pretty strong case for the Maxus.”

(Read the entire article in Guns & Ammo, Proofhouse Section, December, 2008 issue. For subscription information go to: http://gunsandammomag.com/.)

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