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Countdown to Maxus.

These days the number one question we get at Browning is "WHEN?" To be exact, "When will the new Browning Maxus shotgun be delivered?"

The countdown is going very well, so you should begin to see the Maxus on local store shelves right on schedule. In fact, our sales reps are receiving their samples right now, so if you are lucky you might be able to get a close look at a Maxus even before the retail shipments arrive.

To help get you ready for the arrival, today we are launching the new "Planet Maxus" on the browning.com Website. You won't want to miss this event, so check out the details offered below.

We hope you enjoy this month's eBlast.

The Browning Insider - Planet Maxus is within range . . . Today.
Planet Maxus Interactive

If you want to know everything about the new Maxus -- from how it works to a play-by-play recount of its history and development -- Planet Maxus is for you. Planet Maxus is a devoted micro site found within the Browning Website. It has been created to answer all your questions about the Maxus and give you an opportunity to explore it in detail. When they arrive in the stores, you can know what to look for and be ready to test out its many features, including:

  • The complete video library of everything Maxus, including exclusive Browning R&D testing footage done with high speed cameras
  • Interactive 3D models that allow you to look inside the Maxus – where you control the angles and details
  • Specifications and dimensions all clearly listed
  • Reviews of Maxus articles from noted gun writers

To go directly to Planet Maxus right now click here.

Thanks to those who serve.
American Flag from AfghanistanAmerican Flag from Afghanistan

Recently Browning received a special gift from the officers, NCOs and soldiers of Charlie Company, 201st Engineer Battalion stationed in Afghanistan.

The gift is a beautiful, new American flag. On January 16, 2009 this special American flag was flown over Forward Operating Base Salerno in Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom -- in honor of the Browning company.

This flag is now on display at the Browning corporate offices in Morgan, Utah, and is considered a treasured gift by Browning employees. It means so much to us because it came from the great men and women who are risking their safety and lives to preserve and strengthen the freedoms we cherish so much.

A few days after we received the flag, on a snowy February morning prior to putting the flag on display, several of our employees who are veterans held a special ceremony to hoist this special flag over the Browning headquarters. This flag has been flown only twice, in Afghanistan and at Browning.

At Browning we honor those who serve our nation so bravely. Our thoughts, prayers and best wishes are with all of you.

Save big bucks and get great deals on your next Browning.

Locked and Loaded Promotion There have never been more special offers than right now at Browning. If you haven't heard about them then you will want to take a serious look before you make your next purchase.

Citori Locked and Loaded. For a limited time when you buy a new Browning Citori shotgun you not only end up with the finest of over and under shotguns on the market, but you also get up to $150 of shotgun shells to shoot -- and the shells are on us! For details click here.

4-H members get an amazing rebate. If you are a 4-H member you can buy a new Browning shotgun and get up to $200 back from Browning. And you can use this offer along with the offer above. This is a great deal for young people who shoot in 4-H programs. For details click here.

Cynergy Club fills your closet with stuff. When you buy a Cynergy you get a Cynergy Club membership that includes $500 in Cynergy Club Gear. For details click here.

There are even more! Click here.

Show Us Your Buckmark.
2008 Show Us Your Buckmark Entry

Show Us Your Buckmark

New Buckmark contest winners have been selected and word will be going out shortly. Remember, the contest continues on the Browning.com Website for 2009. Enjoy the fun by submitting your own favorite use of the Buckmark logo in the Show Us Your Buckmark contest. If you have done something unusual, fun or amazing with the Buckmark logo, take a picture and enter it by going to the link on the Browning home page -- and you may win a Browning rifle or shotgun.

Jeremy with a nice Rocky Moutain Big Horn Sheep taken with a BLR 270 Win.

Visit the Browning Trophy Room

This past year had many great hunting seasons across the country-- so be sure to post your pictures. To enter the Browning Trophy Room go to our home page or simply click here.

Computer Wallpaper
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Pre-Season Scouting Trip Computer Wallpaper

This photo was snapped on a scouting trip last summer in Northern Utah. It shows a bull elk peaking over the ridge just before sunrise. Just click the link to "Browningize" your desktop. Or go to the wallpaper link on browning.com for dozens of past wallpapers ready for download.

Wide Screen Computer Wallpaper

Wide Screen
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