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The groundhogs are getting restless.

A few days ago, Phil, the most famous of all woodchucks saw his shadow at Gobbler's Knob in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. That means six more weeks of winter and just a bit longer wait until some of the best varmint hunting gets underway. Soon the 'chucks, prairie dogs and ground squirrels will be out and about.

Predator HuntingOut West our tough winter has taken a brief break, but we know that is not true all across the country. We still get good reports of coyote hunting, and a few good jack rabbit adventures have been reported by the Browning crew. And of course, the spring snow goose seasons are just about upon us.

Like you, we know that economic times are tough all across the country. Sometimes tough times bring on a new perspective. Family values, time spent with good friends and other simple pleasures - these are the things that matter. And good value and good quality become more important when we want to make every dollar count. We hope Browning's continued dedication to making the best products with the best value will help you make wise purchasing decisions this year. You already know that Browning products are made to last, and a quality Browning shotgun, rifle or pistol is an "heirloom" product . . . something worthy of passing along from this generation to the next.

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The Browning Insider - Going forward from SHOT Show 2009.
Browning Insider
SHOT Show cleanup
The Browning crew starts to pack up at the end of the Show.

2009 just may have been one of the most watched SHOT Shows in history. Not just because of all the Browning on-line excitement with the blog and videos, but because most gun owners wanted to see what the industry would offer in the midst of tough economic times and with the potential for challenges ahead politically.

We don't claim to know the future, but a few things were clear: Contrary to popular fears, the SHOT Show was well attended and enthusiasm was high. Information from the NSSF indicates attendance rose 3 percent when compared to the Show's last visit to Orlando in 2007. According to preliminary figures, this year's Show attracted 25,384 attendees, 22,098 exhibiting personnel and a record 1,425 members of the media for a total attendance of 48,907.

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Five Questions for Diane Carver - Browning Knives and Lights Product Manager.

Diane Carver - Browning Knives and Lights Product ManagerDiane Carver recently returned from the 2009 SHOT Show in Orlando, where she introduced this year's new line of Browning knives and lights. She is also fresh from an interview with Knives Illustrated magazine where Browning's breakthrough approach to knife design and manufacturing will be highlighted in an upcoming issue. This interview focuses on Browning knives. This "Five Questions" is packed with interesting facts and history on Browning knives. We think that what she has to say will help you make good decisions about your next knife purchase.
Question 1. The knife industry seems to be flooded with knife makers. What is it that makes Browning stand out from all the others?

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Product Highlight - Browning Cap Light is a life saver.

Night Seeker Cap LightWe recently received a letter from a happy customer in Louisville, Kentucky. Below is his story of how the Browning Night Seeker Cap Light helped his family during what is considered the worst ice storm in the history of Louisville, Kentucky, just prior to Super Bowl weekend.

Mr. Willis gives some real life experience to the benefits of owning a Browning Night Seeker Cap Light.

Click here to read the entire story.

The Partner Corner - Specialized Browning Gear.

Browning OffroadBrowning Off Road - Browning Edition ATVs from Polaris. Browning and Polaris are a perfect match for providing specialized products for the serious hunter. The complete line of ATVs have the special features and quality that matter most for your kind of outdoor use. This is not about getting a basic ATV with a Browning sticker on it. Working with Polaris we have created the best of the best in extreme-hunting functionality and it's ready to hit the back roads the day you pick it up from your Polaris dealer. It is not too early to begin becoming familiar with the models and saving up for what can be one of the best investments you will ever make in your hunting success.

For more information click here.

Show Us Your Buckmark.
2008 Show Us Your Buckmark Entry

Show Us Your Buckmark

New Buckmark contest winners for 2008 will be selected shortly. Remember, the contest continues on the website for 2009. Enjoy the fun by submitting your own favorite use of the Buckmark logo in the Show Us Your Buckmark contest. If you have done something unusual, fun or amazing with the Buckmark logo, take a picture and enter it by going to the link on the Browning home page -- and you may win a Browning rifle or shotgun.

Kyle with a fine whitetail deer taken with a X-Bolt Hunter

Visit the Browning Trophy Room

This past year had many great hunting seasons across the country-- so be sure to post your pictures. To enter the Browning Trophy Room go to our home page or simply click here.

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Turkey Hunting Computer Wallpaper

Our great Browning Wallpapers are a mix of photos taken by our amazing in-house photographer as well as photos by Browning employees who know a good shot when they see one. Again, we've added more great images to use as your computer wallpaper. Just click the link to "Browningize" your desktop. Or go to the wallpaper link on for dozens of past wallpapers ready for download.

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